Trail Blazer Service Level Agreement

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Service Level Agreement

1. Your annual subscription to Program Product includes training and support on the use and functionality of the software.

a. Additional Services. All other services including, but not limited to:
  • phone calls unrelated to the use and functionality of the software;
  • consulting services;
  • custom programming;
  • special reporting;
These and other items will be billed at the current Trail Blazer Additional Service fee rates. These rates may change without notice.

2. Trail Blazer will maintain Customer’s database with a 95% or greater uptime, measured monthly. Trail Blazer will provide reports upon customer request. Currently, the uptime is measured by a third party vendor,, but can be changed or altered at Trail Blazer's discretion.

a. Access our reports at

3. From time to time, maintenance is required. Trail Blazer will provide as much advance notice as possible. We will endeavor to give at least two (2) days’ notice and complete this maintenance in the off-peak or weekend hours.

4. Trail Blazer will maintain database backups, performed regularly. Currently, the backups performed are: 1) full backup (on a weekly schedule), and 2) differential backup (on a once-daily schedule). Currently, the full and differential backups are stored in an alternate location to the database and historically stored and maintained for ninety (90) days. Trail Blazer reserves the right to change or modify this policy.

5. Any data import included must be sent to our data team within the first 30 days of this Program Product Lease Agreement. See Data Conversion Costs section of Terms and Conditions for data conversion details. Data provided by Customer must conform to the Data Conversion Policy to avoid additional fees. See our Data Conversion Policies:

6. Startup Schedule:

a. We receive your signed Agreement.

1) If Customer is Minnesota based, the sales tax calculation is processed.

b. We receive your payment.

c. We receive your data file. If the data cannot be imported per the Data Conversion Policy, we will discuss this with you what needs to happen, either:

1) explain what you will need to be adjusted so the data complies with our Data Conversion Policy; or

2) Customer agrees to have Trail Blazer perform the work at an additional expense to the Customer as outlined in Terms and Conditions and pricing in Additional Service.

d. We import your data. Once Items a, b and c are completed, then Trail Blazer will typically have your database set up within seven (7) business days under normal circumstances. Expedited import is available for the Fee found in Additional Service.

e. We train you on the software at no cost. Training will be scheduled by the Customer once your data is imported. Introductory training is offered generally twice a week. If you are unable to attend these live webinar training sessions, see our Events List to sign up, we have a series of training videos on our website as an alternative.

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