Importing Spreadsheets

by Joel Kristenson15. November 2022 12:17

Check out these resources to learn how to import spreadsheets of contact or donation data into your Trail Blazer database.


Donor Retention Dashboard Widget

by Joel Kristenson4. November 2022 10:44

Check out this video to learn how to use the donor retention dashboard widget:


New Feature Alert: Filter Houses by Precinct Code

by Joel Kristenson26. October 2022 08:34

You can now filter your map by precinct code:


Trail Blazer On-The-Go

by Joel Kristenson13. October 2022 13:05

Get access to your records from wherever you are by downloading our free mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:


Advanced Search Query Techniques

by Joel Kristenson29. September 2022 08:42

Have you ever needed to find a constituent record by special search criteria?  Learn advanced search query techniques to find records by exact name, a partial name, a blank field, etc.


Find donors who gave last year, but not this year

by Joel Kristenson20. September 2022 08:30

Learn how to find donors who gave last year, but not this year

You can then save this search as a favorite for future use:


IMPORTANT NOTICE: RDP (Remote Desktop) Maintenance on Saturday (9/17)

by Kevin15. September 2022 12:02

Important: the remote desktop app (primarily for Mac users) will be unavailable this Saturday (9/17) from 8:00 PM CT to 12:00 AM CT (9/18).


Find New Donors

by Joel Kristenson6. September 2022 09:17

Check out our latest help video to learn how to find new donors in your database:


Political Software Review

by Joel Kristenson30. August 2022 12:08

To our political software users, we would like to request that you provide a review of our software on Capterra

This should only take around 5 minutes, and you will receive a $10 gift card as a thank you.  Your reviews help us to gain exposure on a website that many campaigns use when researching tools to use for their race.

Thank you!


User Management

by Joel Kristenson23. August 2022 11:37

Every-so-often it's good to take stock of who your active database users are.  There may be some people that you need to set up with their own login account, and old users that no longer need access.  Here's how:


Tracking the Activity Trail / Session Logs

by Joel Kristenson10. August 2022 09:39

Check out this new video by Kevin:

It will teach you how to see who made changes to certain fields in your database, and how to track the session logs for what work is being done.

Note: this feature requires 'admin' access.


Geocoding Address Data for Mapping

by Joel Kristenson14. July 2022 13:41

Learn how to geocode your address data so that you can visually work with it on a map.

Watch now:


Filtered Contribution Reports

by Joel Kristenson6. July 2022 09:37

Creating filtered contribution reports is a powerful tool in your database.  One example is if you want to see what donors have given year-by-year.

The links below provide a walkthrough on how to go through the steps.


Video 1:

Video 2:


Office Closed for the 4th of July

by Joel Kristenson1. July 2022 08:58

Our office will be close on Monday, July 4th.


Tidying Up Your Database

by Joel Kristenson16. June 2022 09:28

Does your database have duplicate contact records?  Learn the ins-and-outs of how to find duplicates and clean them up.




Wealth Screening for Donors and Prospects

by Joel Kristenson25. May 2022 08:10

With our DonorSearch integration you can now perform valuable wealth analysis on your donors and prospects.  DonorSearch draws on information (like previous giving history) and current assets to determine a donor's wealth potential.

Learn more:


New Feature Alert: Merging by Name and Cell Phone Number

by Joel Kristenson5. May 2022 11:39

A new merge option was added in a recent software update.  You can now merge duplicate contact records where their name and cell phone number matches.  Here's how:


Version 7 is Being Retired

by Joel Kristenson19. April 2022 07:43

Important: this is a friendly reminder that if you haven't yet upgraded from version 7 to version 8, you'll want to do so soonVersion 7 will be retired on 4/30/22.

To see what version you are on, look in the very upper-left of the desktop application.  If it starts with a 7, you'll want to go through the steps in this video:

Note: if the link above doesn't work when you click on it, you can copy and paste it into a browser.

Please contact our support team if you need assistance.


Orientation Training (Free)

by Joel Kristenson18. April 2022 08:13

Take advantage of our free orientation training in order to get new users up to speed on how to:

- Navigate the application
- Add new contact records
- Enter contributions
- Create and save custom searches and reports (formats)
- Create and save thank you letter templates


Office Closure for Good Friday

by Joel Kristenson14. April 2022 12:32

Our office will be closed tomorrow afternoon (4/15) for Good Friday.


Updated Help Video - Learn How to Write Contribution Thank You Letters

by Joel Kristenson13. April 2022 07:36

Mark has been hard at work updating our help videos on YouTube.  Check out the latest video on how to write contribution thank you letters

Tip: subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date as new videos are released.


New Help Video -- Learn How to Build Custom Search Queries

by Joel Kristenson16. March 2022 08:20

New help video -- learn how to utilize our powerful search engine to build custom queries:

You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up-to-date on the latest videos that we publish:


Building a Default Format

by Joel Kristenson3. March 2022 08:16

Formatting (reporting) is one of the most important tools in your Trail Blazer CRM.  It allows you to quickly analyze data that is important to you.  We highly recommend reading through the article and watching the videos below, as they will show you how to save your own *default format* for future use.

Build and Save a Default Format:

Video Playlist - Reporting:

Please call our support team if you need a hand: 1-866-909-8700


Upgrading from Version 7 to Version 8

by Joel Kristenson7. February 2022 08:08

Important: if you haven't yet upgraded from version 7 to version 8, you'll want to do so soon.  There are many important bug fixes, performance enhancements, and software upgrades that are included in version 8.

To see what version you are on, look in the very upper-left of the application.  If it starts with a 7, you'll want to go through the steps in this video:


Year End Tax Season

by Joel Kristenson13. January 2022 10:50

For our nonprofit customers, it's that time of the year again.  The resources below will provide a nice refresher on how to create and send a year-end tax statement.


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