Refresh Cell Phone Numbers

by Joel Kristenson23. March 2023 14:22

Interested in acquiring updated cell phone numbers for the constituents in your database?  You can utilize our partnership with Melissa Data to refresh your data set.  Check out our additional services page to learn more:


NCOA Refresh

by Joel Kristenson28. February 2023 13:19

Spring is a great time to clean up data in your Trail Blazer database.  Whether that be mailing addresses, duplicate contact records, cell phone numbers, or something else.

If you would like to refresh a segment, or all of your address records, we provide this ala carte service.  Simply send in an email to tech support to receive a price quote:

Additional Services:


Mobile App Update - Add a Lawn Sign Directly from a Voter's Record

by Joel Kristenson23. February 2023 09:26

A new mobile app update was released today. You can now add lawn sign records directly from a voter's contact record. Watch this short video to learn how:


Tracking Lawn Signs with Mobile Base Camp and Trail Blazer IQ

by Joel Kristenson10. February 2023 09:27

We've released a variety of updates to our mobile app (Trail Blazer Base Camp) and our web app (Trail Blazer IQ).  These updates make it easier to track lawn signs while canvassing, and to view those lawn signs on an interactive map.




New Feature: Set your "Default" Log Type

by Joel Kristenson7. February 2023 13:12

With the latest software release, you can now set your default Log Type.  This can be useful if you typically use a specific log type, such as "Phone".

To set this up, navigate to Logs > Log > Click the Log Type drop-down > select "<Set default>", and choose your default option.

Tip: you can right-click the Log Type drop-down and select [+ New] to quickly create a new option.


New Email Merge Fields - Contribution Tables

by Joel Kristenson23. January 2023 08:30

You can now use the email system to insert a table of contributions by date-range.  For instance, you can provide a breakdown of all donations someone made in 2022, with a total at the bottom.

Inserting the Merge Field

How the Merge Field Appears to the Recipient


Year-End Tax Statements

by Joel Kristenson17. January 2023 11:35

It's that time of year again for nonprofits.  The resources below walk through the steps to generate and print your year-end tax statements.


Article 1:

Article 2:


Updating the Cycle / Calendar Year

by Joel Kristenson11. January 2023 11:41

For many organizations, 2023 means updating the cycle in your database.  Here's how:


Tracking Email Opens

by Joel Kristenson3. January 2023 11:29

Happy New Year!  For this tip - we are going to talk about how to track if an email recipient is opening your emails or not.  First, open their record.  Then navigate to the "Logs" tab, and the Email Log sub-tab.  That is where you can view if someone has opened an email, when they did, and what links they clicked on.  Here's an example:


Office Hours for Christmas and New Year's

by Joel Kristenson19. December 2022 08:03

Our office will be closed on these dates to celebrate Christmas and the New Year:

  • Friday, December 23
  • Monday, December 26
  • Friday afternoon, December 30
  • Monday, January 2

Happy holidays!


Integrated Web Forms

by Joel Kristenson12. December 2022 09:33

Trail Blazer has a variety of forms that you can use to automatically collect data through your website.  They include:

  • Donations
  • Email sign-ups
  • Volunteer sign-up
  • General "contact us" forms
When someone fills out a form, they will automatically receive a thank-you email, and all of the data they enter will auto-populate into your CRM.

Check out this video to learn how to set up integrated forms


Importing Spreadsheets

by Joel Kristenson15. November 2022 12:17

Check out these resources to learn how to import spreadsheets of contact or donation data into your Trail Blazer database.


Donor Retention Dashboard Widget

by Joel Kristenson4. November 2022 10:44

Check out this video to learn how to use the donor retention dashboard widget:


New Feature Alert: Filter Houses by Precinct Code

by Joel Kristenson26. October 2022 08:34

You can now filter your map by precinct code:


Trail Blazer On-The-Go

by Joel Kristenson13. October 2022 13:05

Get access to your records from wherever you are by downloading our free mobile app for iPhone and Android.

Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:


Advanced Search Query Techniques

by Joel Kristenson29. September 2022 08:42

Have you ever needed to find a constituent record by special search criteria?  Learn advanced search query techniques to find records by exact name, a partial name, a blank field, etc.


Find donors who gave last year, but not this year

by Joel Kristenson20. September 2022 08:30

Learn how to find donors who gave last year, but not this year

You can then save this search as a favorite for future use:


IMPORTANT NOTICE: RDP (Remote Desktop) Maintenance on Saturday (9/17)

by Kevin15. September 2022 12:02

Important: the remote desktop app (primarily for Mac users) will be unavailable this Saturday (9/17) from 8:00 PM CT to 12:00 AM CT (9/18).


Find New Donors

by Joel Kristenson6. September 2022 09:17

Check out our latest help video to learn how to find new donors in your database:


Political Software Review

by Joel Kristenson30. August 2022 12:08

To our political software users, we would like to request that you provide a review of our software on Capterra

This should only take around 5 minutes, and you will receive a $10 gift card as a thank you.  Your reviews help us to gain exposure on a website that many campaigns use when researching tools to use for their race.

Thank you!


User Management

by Joel Kristenson23. August 2022 11:37

Every-so-often it's good to take stock of who your active database users are.  There may be some people that you need to set up with their own login account, and old users that no longer need access.  Here's how:


Tracking the Activity Trail / Session Logs

by Joel Kristenson10. August 2022 09:39

Check out this new video by Kevin:

It will teach you how to see who made changes to certain fields in your database, and how to track the session logs for what work is being done.

Note: this feature requires 'admin' access.


Geocoding Address Data for Mapping

by Joel Kristenson14. July 2022 13:41

Learn how to geocode your address data so that you can visually work with it on a map.

Watch now:


Filtered Contribution Reports

by Joel Kristenson6. July 2022 09:37

Creating filtered contribution reports is a powerful tool in your database.  One example is if you want to see what donors have given year-by-year.

The links below provide a walkthrough on how to go through the steps.


Video 1:

Video 2:


Office Closed for the 4th of July

by Joel Kristenson1. July 2022 08:58

Our office will be close on Monday, July 4th.


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