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Accurate FEC Reporting

Who's talking about us?

"The Trail Blazer software, mobile app, and support team have been a tremendous help to our candidates here in Stark County, Ohio and helped us to organize our database with great ease. You have no idea what it was like coming into an office and searching through the last 15 years of spreadsheets to find a donor name or an event list. I’m glad I pushed our Chairman and Vice Chairman to purchase this and make our office 1,000x more efficient."

No Accounting Software Needed

Our financial tools eliminate the need for additional financial accounting software like QuickBooks, for instance. All of your contributions, receipts, expenditures are tracked in one place -- eliminating headaches for your treasurer.

We have all of the necessary FEC forms for Congressional races, U.S. Senate races and federal PACs and SuperPACs. Upload your forms directly to the FEC.

PAC and Super PAC Reports Supported...

  • Quarterly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Form 3x, for PACs / Party Units
  • Form 3, Candidates
  • Form 1, Statement of Organization
  • Form2, Statement of Candidacy
  • Form 8
  • Form 99
  • and many more…

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Peace of Mind for Treasurers

Leverage the power of Trail Blazer's FEC compliance tools and avoid sleepless nights.

Need pricing?

Prices start as low as $1366 per year for a small PAC. Call +1 800-446-1375 for an exact quote.

Fundraising for Non-profits

Track donors, events, volunteers, relationships, grants, and more!

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