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"Today I want to take a minute and thank you. You taught me new systems, new tricks, and I learned how little I actually know about real computing. But I don't think in all of my electronic tackles over the years that I've ever had such amazing support. You and your team were patient, helpful and always very quick to respond and solve my challenges! I would recommend you in a heartbeat. Thank you so much. It was an adventure and I enjoyed getting the chance to work with you all.”
Valley PCN Volunteer

Reach Out to Your Supporters

Trail Blazer's donor management software is easy to learn and makes reaching out to your base a snap. You can send out custom eblasts, merged direct mail letters, and enewsletters without ever leaving the program. Managing your 501(c)3 has never been easier.

Create Organizational Memory

Our donor software is the exact tool you need to create "organizational memory." This means that no matter how much staff or volunteer turnover you have, every team member can quickly assess exactly what's been said to each donor and move the ball forward from there. The proverbial right hand will know what the left hand has done.

Targeted Donor Outreach

Imagine delivering your ongoing messaging to specific targeted groups of donors. Then, track your email links and know exactly how many donations came in from your eblast. Plus, we make it easy to store your favorite search queries and save your favorite reports.

Get More Organized

Organize your outreach efforts on a grand scale. Know exactly what's been said to every supporter, contact, or member. Quickly log the content of every phone call and see every donor touch that's taken place.

Cloud-Based Software

Rest easy knowing your data is secure. We safeguard your data with regular backups. Plus, even if hard drive crashes, no data is lost. Your data is still accessible from any computer connected to the Internet.

Lightning Fast

Unlike others, we can display the entirety of your search results, not just the first 25 to 50 records like browser-based software.

Multi-Tasker's Heaven

We provide you the ability to view multiple search results and/or donor records simultaneously. This means you can minimize one search result and work on another. Click back and forth from one favorite search to another. Multi-task to your heart's content.

Mass Email Built In

Send eblasts from within Trail Blazer and eliminate the need to buy emarketing services like Constant Contact. Enjoy unlimited eblasts to your opted-in list and pocket the savings.

Add Custom Attributes

Add your own attributes. You can add "any" attribute you want. It could be anything from tracking membership, volunteer hours, affiliation with a group, the type of preferred communication, or even a donor's likes and dislikes. You name it.... we allow you to track it.

Event Management

Coordinate your upcoming events all in one place. Easily sell tickets online as well as mugs, T-shirts, books and other promotional items. Boost your attendance with scheduled email reminders with personalized messages.

Event coordinators love tracking event registrations real time and then communicating with volunteers with just a few clicks. Plus, you can set reminders to your volunteers so that no one drops the ball.

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