Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This Privacy Policy applies to all the products, services, websites and apps offered by Trail Blazer Campaign Services (“Trail Blazer”), except where otherwise noted. We refer to those products, services, websites and apps collectively as the “services” in this policy.

References to "data" in this Privacy Policy will refer to whatever data you use our services to collect, store, whether it be data collected in a form, or data inserted from an import, or any other clollection method – it’s all your data! Reference to personal information or just information, means information about you personally that we collect or for which we act as custodian.


2. Information we collect

2.1 Who are “you”?

We refer to “you” a lot in this Privacy Policy. To better understand what information is most relevant to you, see the following useful definitions.


You hold an account, or are a user, within the Trail Blazer service and you either directly create data, view data, or you are collecting data using forms, applications, surveys, or other means within an account.

Website Visitor

You are just visiting one of our websites because you are Curious or you have heard about us from our marketing and sales channels!

2.2 Information we collect about you.

Contact Information (for example name or email address).
You might provide us with your contact information, whether through use of our services, a form on our website, an interaction with our sales or customer support team, or a response to one of Trail Blazer’s other means of outreach.

Usage information.
We collect usage information about you whenever you interact with our applications, websites, and services. This includes which webpages you visit, what you click on, when you perform those actions, what language preference you have, what you import, what you export, and so on.

Device and browser data.
We collect information from the device and application you use to access our services. Device data mainly means your IP address, operating system version, device type, device ID/MAC address, system and performance information, and browser type. If you are on a mobile device we also collect the UUID for that device.

Information from page tags.
We use first party and third party cookies and tracking services that employ cookies and page tags (also known as web beacons) to collect data about visitors to our websites. This data includes usage and user statistics. Emails sent by Trail Blazer or by users through our services also include page tags that allow the sender to collect information about who opened those emails and clicked on links in them. We provide more information on cookies below and in our Cookies Policy.

Log Data.
Like most websites and services today, our servers keep log files that record data each time a device accesses those servers. The log files contain data about the nature of each access, including originating IP addresses, internet service providers, the files viewed on our site (e.g., HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system versions, device type and timestamps.

Referral information.
If you arrive at a Trail Blazer website from an external source (such as a link on another website or in an email), we record information about the source that referred you to us.

Information from third parties and integration partners.
We collect your personal information from third parties where, for example, you give permission to those third parties to share your information with us or where you have made that information publicly available online.

If you are a Creator we may also collect:

Account Information

Account information.
You need a Trail Blazer account before you can use Trail Blazer services. When you sign up for an account, we collect your first and last name, username, password and email address.

Billing information.
If you make a payment to Trail Blazer, we require you to provide your billing details, a name, address, email address and financial information corresponding to your selected method of payment (e.g. a credit card number and expiration date or a bank account number). If you provide a billing address, we may regard that as the location of the account holder to determine which Trail Blazer entity with whom you contract and the sales tax, if applicable, to be applied to your purchase.

Account settings.
You can set various preferences and personal details for your account. We would be able to see these.

When you sign up for our services you are asked to provide us with information about yourself and to give us more detailed insights into who you are.

3. How we use the information we collect

3.1 Creator/User

We process personal data about you either with your consent or in order to:

Fulfill our contractual responsibility to deliver the services to you;

To pursue Trail Blazer’s legitimate interests of:

improving service experience; and
developing new products and service features.
In each of the instances where we describe how we use your data in this privacy policy, we have identified which of these grounds for processing we are relying upon.

You have consented to us using certain types of tracking and third party cookies on our websites or in our applications. In particular:

Cookies and Similar technology.

We or third party data and advertising platforms that we work with may use or combine multiple technologies, such as cookies, page tags, mobile identifiers and IP addresses to infer users’ common identities across different services and multiple devices such as tablets, browsers, and mobile phones. We may do so, for instance, to tailor ads to users, to enable us to determine the success of our advertising campaigns and to improve upon them. These third party data and advertising platforms may sometimes use data that we provide to them in order to improve their technologies and their ability to match common devices to users. We also may also use this technology to allow a Creator/User to measure the performance of their email messaging and to learn how to improve email deliverability and open rates.

More details: The above data and techniques are used for personalized marketing, analytics, and related purposes. To learn more about interest-based advertising and how to opt-out of it, please see our Cookies Policy in Section 6. We use this data to personalize online marketing campaigns to be relevant to you and your interests in our services. By clearing your cookies in your browser settings you will no longer see personalized messages in this way but you continue to see ads over the internet that are not based on information you provided to Trail Blazer.

We process your personal information in the following categories of data for legitimate interests pursued by us, which are described in detail in this Privacy Policy. We have undertaken to ensure that we place clear limitations on each of these uses so that your privacy is respected and only the information necessary to achieve these legitimate aims is used. Our primary goal is to improve upon and make sure our services and messaging are relevant for all our users, while also ensuring that personal information of all users is respected and protected.

Contact Information.

We use contact information to respond to your inquiries, send you information as part of the services, and send you marketing information (for as long as you do not opt-out).

More details: We use your email address to send you marketing (newsletters), unless you indicate a preference to opt-out and for general updates on your account. You can opt out of marketing communications at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in them.

How you use our services.

We use information about how you use our services to improve our services for you and all users.

More details: We collect information about the usage behavior for logging and audits.

Device and browser data.

We use device data both to troubleshoot problems with our service and to make improvements to it. We also infer your geographic location based on your IP address.

More details: We collect this to help us improve your service experience through a specific device/browser by optimizing how the website looks in a particular browser, how your screen brightness affects your experience and to ensure the service operates optimally and as it should on different devices and browsers.

Log data.

We use log data for many different business purposes to include:

To monitor abuse and troubleshoot.

To create new services, features, content or make recommendations.

To track behavior to identify and understand trends in the various interactions with our services.

To fix bugs and troubleshoot product functionality.

More details: Your IP address is used to determine where access may have occurred in your account.

Referral information.

We use referral information to track the success of our integrations and referral processes.

Third parties and integrations.

We collect and use information from third parties and integration partners, where applicable to one of our services, to:

Ensure you can use a third party integration like Facebook/LinkedIn/Microsoft/Google/SSO/Anedot/WinRed/ActBlue;

To personalize our services for you; and

Ensure you can use our service in conjunction with other services.

See further information here on our API partners – for other Trail Blazer services see below or on the website for that service.

Service and Marketing uses.

Profiling. We combine information about you from third party sources with information we hold about you to create a user profile, which will help us to make our sales and marketing efforts more relevant to you and to personalize and improve your service experience.

Machine learning. We use machine learning techniques on certain data in order to provide users with useful statistics and more relevant insights from the data they have collected using our services and to optimize our marketing campaigns and for fraud detection.

To manage our services we will also internally use your information and data, for the following limited purposes:

To enforce our agreements where applicable.

To prevent potentially illegal activities.

To screen for and prevent undesirable or abusive activity. For example, we have automated systems that screen content for phishing activities, spam, and fraud.

Legal uses.

To respond to legal requests or prevent fraud, we may need to use and disclose information or data we hold about you. If we receive a subpoena or other legal request, we may need to inspect the data we hold to determine how to respond.

We collect and use the following on the basis that we have to use this information in order to fulfill our contract with you:

Your Account Information.

We need to use your account information to run your account, provide you with services, bill you for our services, provide you with customer support, and contact you about your service or account. We occasionally send you communications of a transactional nature (e.g. service-related announcements, billing-related matters, changes to our services or policies, a welcome email when you first register). You cannot opt out of these communications since they are required to provide our services to you.

Your Profile.

We process other aspects of your account information (like the personal information you provide about your job, your job title, and your marketing preferences) as well as information obtained from public sources, for legitimate interests like providing you with a personalized experience and relevant and useful marketing information as well as to make other product, feature and service recommendations to you and your organization to optimize use of the services we offer.

You can object to us using your information as described above but in some cases, our ability to fully and properly provide our services to you may be impacted if you do not want us to collect or use the above data.

In relation to Data

Your Data.

We will never sell your data.

4. Information you share

Many of our services let you share information with others. Remember that when you share information it is no longer under your control. Our services provide you with different options on sharing and deleting your content but once shared with someone we cannot delete content from that other party without their permission so you need to be careful about information you share.

5. Information we share

We do not share your information or data with third parties outside Trail Blazer except in the following limited circumstances:

If your organization has a user with export access that asks for an export performed as part of support and emailed to them or others.

If your organization has a Agreement to Share Data with another Trail Blazer client.

To help us provide certain aspects of our services we may use affiliates and trusted key partners – in particular, we may engage third parties to:

facilitate our email sending.
facilitate customers in making payments.
deliver and help us track our marketing and advertising content.
help us track website conversion success metrics.
manage our sales and customer support services to you.

We enter into confidentiality and data processing terms with partners to ensure they comply with high levels of confidentiality and best practice in privacy and security standards and we review these standards and practices.

On your instructions, we share your information or data if you choose to use an integration in conjunction with Trail Blazer services, to the extent necessary to facilitate that use. See further information here on our API partners.

We also may have to share information or data in order to:

meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request.
enforce applicable policies, including investigation of potential violations.
detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues.
protect against harm to the rights, property or safety of our users, the public or to Trail Blazer and/or as required or permitted by law.
facilitate a sale, merger or change in control of all or any part of our company or business or in preparation for any of these events.

Where we use any third parties to assist us in service delivery for you (the Creator), and they process your data as part of that service.

6. Cookies and Similar Technology

We and our partners use cookies and similar technologies on our websites and applications. We have Required or Essential cookies, Functionality Cookies, Social Media Cookies, Analytics Cookies, Targeting or advertising cookies. If you are a customer of Trail Blazer and separately use cookies or similar technologies in conjunction with any of our products and services, then you yourself will be responsible for complying with any laws related to the use of those technologies and this Privacy Policy is not applicable to that use by you.

We use cookies, as described here in our Privacy Policy and for other normal business operations, that you agree to when you use our sites and, in the case of some cookies, for legitimate interests of delivering and optimizing our services (where the cookie delivers essential functionality). Cookies are small bits of data we store on the device you use to access our services so we can recognize repeat users. Each cookie expires after a certain period of time, depending on what we use it for. We use cookies and similar technologies for several reasons:

To gather metrics about your Trail Blazer experience.
To make our site easier to use.
Creators/User if you use the “Remember me” feature when you sign into your account, we store your username in a cookie, or desktop file, to make it quicker for you to sign in whenever you return to Trail Blazer.
For security reasons.
We use cookies to authenticate your identity and confirm whether you are currently logged into Trail Blazer or determine if an incident impacts you.
To provide you with personalized content.
We store user preferences, your default language, device and browser information, your profile information which includes, the level of usage of service and the web-pages on our site which you visit, so we can identify you across devices and personalize the content you see.
To improve our services.
We use cookies to measure your usage of our websites and track data, as well as to occasionally display different versions of content to you. This information helps us to develop and improve our services (it helps us focus on the parts of the service you seem most interested in) and optimize the content we display to you (which may include marketing content).
To advertise to you.
We, or our service providers and other third parties we work with, place cookies when you visit our website and other websites or when you open emails that we send you, in order to provide you with more tailored marketing content (about our services or other services), and to evaluate whether this content is useful or effective. For instance, we evaluate which ads are clicked on most often, and whether those clicks lead users to make better use of our tools, features and services. If you don’t want to receive ads that are tailored to you based on your online activity, you may “opt out” of many of the companies that are involved in such tailoring by going to, or, if you’re located in the European Union, at Opting out in this way does not mean you will not receive any ads; it just means that you will not receive ads from such companies that have been tailored to you based on your activities and inferred preferences.

If you'd like to remove or disable cookies via your browser, you certainly can. You'll want to refer to your browser's configuration documentation to do this since the steps for doing so are usually browser-specific. One important note is that if you do go this route, this might adversely impact your ability to use our services effectively, or at all. Enabling cookies ensures a smoother experience when you use our site.

Google Analytics and other Analytics tools.
In addition to the above, we have implemented on our websites and other services certain Google Analytics, and other 3rd party analytics companies, features that support Advertising, including re-targeting. Visitors to our websites may opt out of certain types of Google Analytics tracking, customize the Google Display Network ads by using the Google Ad Preferences Manager and learn more about how Google serves ads by viewing its Customer Ads Help Center. If you do not wish to participate in Google Analytics, you may also download the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.

You can choose to remove or disable cookies via your browser settings. Doing so will effect if you can or can not use online browser features or applications.

7. Data Retention

If you hold an account with Trail Blazer we do not delete the data in your account – you are responsible for and control the time periods for which you retain this data. Unless requested by creator/user as part of support. There are controls in your account where you can delete data.

We also describe the expiry periods for cookies on our websites in our cookies policy.

8. Safety of Minors

Our services are not intended for and may not be used by minors. “Minors” are individuals under the age of 13 (or under a higher age if permitted by the laws of their residence). Trail Blazer does not knowingly collect personal data from Minors or allow them to be a user. You as the Creator/User must ensure you adhere to your local laws and the laws of the residence of any person who may be a minor in your data.

9. Data Transfers and Privacy

Your information and data may be processed in and transferred or disclosed in the United States and countries in which our affiliates are located and in which our service providers are located or have servers.

In certain situations, Trail Blazer may be required to disclose personal data in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

Please contact Trail Blazer if you have any concerns or complaints of any nature. If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact

10. Changes to our Privacy Policy

We can make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. In circumstances where a change will materially change the way in which we collect or use your personal information or data, we will send a notice of this change to all of our account holders.

11. Personalized marketing

You can opt-out from direct marketing in your account and we provide opt-out options in all direct marketing emails. This does not apply to support of billing emails. Finally, if you do not wish to see personalized marketing content on the web related to our service you can clear the cookies in your browser settings.

12. Who is my data controller?

As mentioned above – all data in Trail Blazer services is controlled by the Creator. Trail Blazer can be a data controller of data in the very limited ways. To the extent that is the case we have identified the correct controller below.

For Creators/Users, Website Visitors and others who are addressed in this privacy policy and who are located outside the United States, your data controller is Trail Blazer the extent that it is processing your personal data.

13. Your rights

This section describes the rights you may have generally as a customer of any Trail Blazer service.

You may wish to exercise a right to obtain information about yourself or to correct, update or delete that information. Some of these rights may be subject to some exceptions or limitations in local law. Please note your rights and choices vary depending upon your location. We will take reasonable steps to verify your identity and we will respond to your request to exercise these rights within a reasonable time (and in all cases within 30 days of receiving a request).

14. Your Data; if your data is in a Trail Blazer Clients account
This section describes the obligation you may have generally as a customer of any Trail Blazer service or if a Trail Blazer client may have data on you.

Where you have interacted with a Trail Blazer client via a survey, form, questionnaire or other means with a Creator/User, using a Trail Blazer service, you will need to reach out directly to that individual or organization to discuss managing, deleting, accessing, restricting access to or otherwise withdrawing consent for use of, the information which you provided to them. Trail Blazer does not control your data and, accordingly, is not in a position to directly handle these requests in relation to that data. If you are having difficulties finding this Creator/User or if you have any other questions after reading this Privacy Policy, you can contact us through our support team and we will try our best to help you.

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