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Hassle-Free FEC Compliance Reporting

Tremendous Help to our Candidates

"The Trail Blazer software, mobile app, and support team have been a tremendous help to our candidates here in Stark County, Ohio and helped us to organize our database with great ease. You have no idea what it was like coming into an office and searching through the last 15 years of spreadsheets to find a donor name or an event list. I’m glad I pushed our Chairman and Vice Chairman to purchase this and make our office 1,000x more efficient."

Easy FEC Filing Tools

Trail Blazer has its roots in FEC compliance reporting for campaigns, political action committees (PACs), and SuperPACs. Not only are you saving time, but we've also added instant online donations. This means you don't have to worry about double data entry when it comes to filing the report. We take the hassle out of FEC compliance work so you can sleep at night.

Dozens of Financial Reports

In addition to FEC and State reporting, you can create over 50 easy-to-read, printable financial reports with just a click of a button. State reporting available: LA, CO, PA, and VA.

Contribution & Expenditure Tracking

Every winning campaign can be managed down to the very last detail. Each contribution and expenditure made can be tracked. These reports will give you the cost analysis needed to modify future spending in various areas such as fundraisers, radio ads or even campaign mailings.

Manage Your Campaign’s Cash Flow

  • Contributions / Supporter Tracking
  • Disbursements
  • Deposits
  • Year-End Totals
  • Receipts
  • Invoices

No Additional Government Software Required

That's right! Trail Blazer handles all of your federal compliance reporting. There’s no need for any other software to file your reports.

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