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"The customer support provided by Trail Blazer has been outstanding, day in and day out. Your organization is part of our team. Using the enhanced functionality of Trail Blazer’s data management and email blast capabilities, our organization was able to increase our website-based financial donation level to the point that we recovered the annual cost for Trail Blazer in five weeks. The ease of use of the system has allowed the right people in our organization to engage the right people in our database with a powerful message. And even with such a powerful tool, our success might well have been only modest were it not for the outstanding customer support and real time training provided by Trail Blazer techs."

Software Treasurers Love

Whether you're a PAC or Super PAC, you'll enjoy Trail Blazer's full accounting for your committee disclosure. For many treasurers, while disclosure work isn't done everyday, it's critically important. With our PAC management software, collecting expense and receipt information is simple and accurate.

Manage Your PAC’s Financial Health

Besides the FEC reports, many treasurers and PAC managers like to see the financial condition of the committee. With our versatile custom reports, you can see what money has been received in many ways. This includes sorting by either employer or occupation. Monthly and weekly reports show how fundraising efforts have paid off, too.

Mobile Giving

Mobile giving with your smartphone is now available from Vanco Payment Solutions. Gathering financial support door-to-door or at an event is easier than ever. Read more about it...

Vanco Card Swipe iPhone iPad

Works on a PC, Mac, iPad or Smartphone

Your committee will enjoy the flexibility of accessing your PAC's voter file from any computer connected to the Internet. This includes Macs, phones, tablets or your PC. You can even access your data on your phone using our Mobile Base Camp app to look up a donor and contact them.

Search for Missing Data

Search your database to see which contributors have given more than $200 and are missing employer and/or occupation. This will help you avoid the last minute rush to gather the required information for the final FEC report.

FEC Compliant Software

Trail Blazer's PAC software is approved by the FEC. Unlike standard accounting practices, disclosure reporting is about who and when as well as how much. Collecting name, address, occupation and employer information is as major a factor in campaign disclosure as are the dollars. Trail Blazer understands that.

Easy-to-Produce Forms

Trail Blazer will build your quarterly and monthly Form 3X including: A, Schedule B, Schedule C and Schedule D. For e-filers, we can file the Form 1 Statement of Organization and 24-Hour Reports and many more. With our simple 4-Step Process, creating, e-filing and printing the reports has never been easier or more reliable.

Store Important Documents

Centralize and manage your campaign documents. Get up to 10 gigabytes at no cost for photos and letters stored inside voter/donor files or in the main gallery.

Worry-Free Data Entry

Our PAC software helps treasurers train support staff on how to correctly and completely enter disclosure information. With data entry worries out of the way, treasurers can focus on the financial part of the FEC reports.

State Compliance Reporting

Trail Blazer provides state reporting in CO, LA, VA, and PA.

Text to Give

Give by text available through Vanco Payment Solutions gets money in fast. Donors enter their cell number, payment method, and a 4-digit PIN. After the initial one-time setup, donors receive both an email and text message containing instructions for sending donations by text.

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Peace of Mind for Treasurers

Leverage the power of Trail Blazer's FEC compliance tools and avoid sleepless nights.

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Prices start as low as $1366 per year for a small PAC. Call +1 800-446-1375 for an exact quote.

Fundraising for Non-profits

Track donors, events, memberships, grants, volunteers, and more!.

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