Boost Donations with Wealth Screening

Trail Blazer CRM Integrates with DonorSearch

DonorSearch data provides valuable insight to assist with your donor and prospect research. Their philanthropic database can help you identify which donors have a capacity to give, and how much you should be asking for.

About DonorSearch

“DonorSearch was founded in 2007 with one goal: to provide more accurate, more comprehensive, more actionable data to help nonprofits of all types achieve better fundraising and outreach results.” –⁠ Bill Tedesco, founder, CEO, and Managing Partner of DonorSearch

Syncing Wealth Information

With our integration, you can match a contact record in your Trail Blazer database with the DonorSearch system. Key metrics, such as a person's estimated giving capacity over the next 3 to 5 years, can by synced back into their profile in your Trail Blazer CRM.

You'll also be able to open the contact's profile in the DonorSearch system to view hundreds of other important pieces of information.

Learn What Donors Give to Others

It used to be there was no way to know how much donors gave to other nonprofit organizations. Now, there is. Many options provide you with a wealth of knowledge. This translates into more dollars for your cause. Before you reach out to a donor, you can look them up and see what your "ask amount" should be based on past giving patterns to others.

Build Your Donor Lists

Searching for donors to solicit just got easier. You can easily filter the database and pull down donor lists for direct mailings and outreach programs. You'll be able to pull out "look-alike" to your best donors. Setting up an ideal donor profile makes fundraising whole lot more productive.

VIP Treatment Example

Let's say you put on performances and in two weeks you have your debut. In the interim, you can prescreen those who have bought tickets to see who among them are the top 10 donors to arts organizations in your area. Then you can make special arrangements for VIP seating or even special backstage tours for those key donors to help them understand your mission.

Gala Fundraiser Example

For your Annual Fundraiser, wouldn't it be great if you could prescreen your attendees to make sure that the your Board Members are seated at the same tables as those who are most likely to donate to organizations like yours? Creating a strategy to reach out to key donors could be as simple as running attendee names through the tools well in advance of your Gala. That way you won't miss any key opportunities to communicate your organization's message.

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