Care to run Trail Blazer on your iPad or iPhone?

So last night I'm out with an old friend having a ginger ale (yes, really, it was a ginger ale).  He stepped away for a few minutes and being addicted as I am to my email, I checked it.  Sure enough there was a question from a customer about giving her additional access to the database.  After checking with her boss to ensure it was ok, I opened up my 2X Client and connected to the database.  I made the change and exited before my friend returned to the table.

Using the gestures for expanding and contracting the image I was able to easily navigate to make the needed change.  Although not recommended for heavy data entry, it's pretty useful to have full access to all the data in your database.

See this KB article for how to install and configure 2X Client on your iPad or iPhone.  A link to a video is also included.
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