Another Version!!!

You may have noticed we have put out several new versions this week. I'll give you a little update on that.

We recently upgraded our SQL server from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012. Daily we discover something new in the behavior of 2012 that is drastically different from 2005. Many of these behaviors are undesirable. We have been experiencing sudden slow-downs in the queries and other areas of the system. These queries have been working flawlessly for nearly 7 years.

As we find these aberrations we spend time figuring out what changed and how to code for it. Since these aberrations affect your use of the database, we are releasing new versions just as quickly as we can fix them. This week we found several.

We hope you are patient with us regarding these new versions and know we are working hard to keep your use of Trail Blazer a constantly pleasant experience.

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