Additional Services

Updated 8/28/2020

Imports (price is per file*)
A .CSV file or, an Excel file containing ONE tab or an Access database containing ONE table.

$200 + $100/100,000 records
(minimum $300)

Same-Day Expedited Fee
available for some services
*paid by 8am on regular business day, or by agreement


Expedited Fee
available for most services, move top of queue


Geocoding Additional Service
(for canvassing and other map features)

Near Rooftop
(record found for pin located near rooftop)

$0.015 per address record found

Same Block
(less accurate - typically pin located on the same block)

$0.01 per address record found

Geolocation or Geocoding is the process of taking input text, such as an address or the name of a place, and returning a latitude/longitude location on the Earth's surface for that place.

Voter Update
(refresh) from voter election authority (SOS, VBE, etc.)

$500 + $150/100,000 records
(minimum $650)

Wealth Screening

Unleash the power of our DonorSearch integration. Gain valuable insights into donor and prospect's wealth, and their propensity to give.

$300 (12 Month Term)
Screening Limit: 300 (25 / Mo.)

$500 (12 Month Term)
Screening Limit: 600 (25 / Mo.)

$750 (12 Month Term)
Screening Limit: 900 (25 / Mo.)

Small Screening (Add on): $400
Annual Screening Limit: 1,000

Large Screening (Add on): $1,250
Annual Screening Limit: 5,000

Document Gallery Storage

10 GB included for free
each additional 10 GB is $10/month

Venue Floorplan Setup Fee for Reserved Seating

$1 per seat
One-time setup fee per venue

NCOA (48 month)/CASS/Phone Append
- completed all together

$150 +
NCOA $2.25 /1000 +
CASS $1.25/1000 +
Phone Append $9.50/1000
($300 minimum)

- 48 month - does NOT include CASS Certification

$150 + $2.25 /1000
($200 minimum)

CASS Certification

$150 + $1.25/1000
($200 minimum)

Landline Phone Append

$150 + $9.50/1000 records
($250 minimum)

Cell Phone Append

$150 + $20/1000 records
($650 minimum)

Database Rename


User Setup
beyond those initially setup during creation of database


Money Bomb Ticker Setup


Merge Two Databases

Starts at $5,000

Trail Blazer Professional Edition (Personal License)
Restrictions Apply

Starts at $250/year

Re-activation of an Expired Database or Past Due Payment

Over 15 days $500

Under 15 days $50

FEC Assistance
beyond normal support on Trail Blazer Campaign Manager. This includes reconciliation of Cycle-To-Date values when converting from other FEC reporting systems mid cycle, assistance with FEC Requests For Additional Information (RFAI's), assistance with reporting for any period prior to becoming a Trail Blazer customer, assistance with bank reconciliations beyond the normal training of how to do a bank reconciliation in Trail Blazer.

$300 prepayment required

FEC Assistant Treasurer
Includes much of the FEC Assistance items but on an on going contract.

Special Contract

FEC Manual Transactions
beyond normal support on Trail Blazer Campaign Manager. This includes manual entering of records, where possible electronic standardized records should be used. $100 for up to 25 records per day. $75 for each 25 records over 25.

deposit prepayment required

Data Consulting
all requests for data enhancements, modifications, or additions to your data in your database fall into this category. This excludes imports referenced above.


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