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Created: February 15, 2017
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Auto-Merging Duplicate Address Records


This article will guide you through the process of automatically merging duplicate address records.  It’s recommended to first conform your address records to fix inconsistencies such as Street vs. St. prior to running the merge process.  Click this link to learn how to automatically conform address records.

Steps to Merge Duplicate Address Records

First navigate to the address search window.  Under the Application Menu follow Voter/Donor > Addresses.

Either build and run a query or simply click [Search] to load the entire list of addresses.  In this example the query is left blank and the entire address list is loaded.

After you click [Search] you will be presented with the record count and have the option of how many records you need to load.  Specify the amount or click the (All) radio button to load the entire list.  It’s recommended that you load all records when running both automated merge and conform processes.

Select the [File] drop-down on the search tool strip and click Merge Addresses…

Select the preferences you need to merge by in the Merge Addresses window -- The Merge Window will have different options depending on if you’re merging voters or address records. --