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Created: June 09, 2015
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How to Enable Double Opt-in for All of your Trail Blazer Online iFrame Forms

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2015-06-09


This article shows how to enable the new double-opt in feature for all of your online forms.  This came about because a few customers who had people signing up through their online forms, on behalf of other people, who weren’t supposed to be.  You’ll need administrative security clearance to configure this setting.


Navigate to Website Configuration by following Application Menu > System Gallery > Website Configuration.

Check the box in the upper-left for Enable double Opt-in for all forms, and then click the blue hyperlink in the upper-right for Click here to refresh your web pages using updated specifications.

Click [OK] to finish.

You can now run a test to see how this process works.

From Website Configuration navigate to the Signup Email tab, and the Live Preview (SignupEmail.aspx) sub-tab.

Fill out the form being sure to use your email address and click [Submit].

You’ll receive two email auto-responders.  One will be the thank-you email responder that you’ve previously created (or it will use Trail Blazer’s if you haven’t created one yet), and the other email will be the opt-in responder.  (The two images below detail what this looks like).

Image 1 – Thank-You Auto-Responder

Image 2 – Double Opt-in Auto-Responder

As shown in the above screenshot, the recipients will need to click on the yellow hyperlink to finish the opt-in process.

That completes the steps for future subscribers to get on your mass email list.  If you’re curious about the status of a particular contact, open their record card where you can view their current email subscription flags.  My example record is below with all the subscribe flags enabled. You can mine your email data by running search queries from the Contacts (Voter/Donor) list, under the General > Email tabs.  (Two example images below).

Image 1 of 2 – General > E-Mail

Image 2 of 2 – General > Email Links

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