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Created: February 06, 2013
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Email Checkboxes

What checkboxes need to be checked for a person to receive my eblasts?
Received permission to include in mass email communications.

What do all those email checkboxes mean?

Received permission to include in mass email communications
Hopefully this one is self explanatory.  This checkbox is required to be checked for a person to receive and eblast from you.

This is set by the recipient of your eblast.  It is generally not set manually.  Once a person is unsubscribed, they will not receive any further eblasts from you.

If checked this indicates the email was not deliverable to the provided address.  Again this is managed automatically by our email server and is not set manually.

This is quite important for eblasts. If this is not enabled they will not receive an eblast from you.  This checkbox is maintained by Trail Blazer personnel.  All imported emails are NOT CHECKED by default.  You must call Trail Blazer to have your emails enabled.  See this article for some more information on this:

Abuse complaint received
This indicates the email recipient clicked the SPAM button within their email.  Generally these come from the large email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo.  Once this is checked the email address cannot be emailed to again.  This is managed automatically by our email server and is not set manually.

Awaiting opt-in-confirmation
For people who have not registered an opening of your email in the last x (usually 20) eblasts, you have the option of sending them a special email that asks them for their permission to keep them on the mailing list.

Until they respond to that request in the affirmative, future emails will not be sent to them.

Imported do-not-email
When we import a do-not-mail list from another email provider (IContact, etc.), we’ll set this flag.  If the flag is set, we will not send that email.  

Imported awaiting opt-in
At times we’ll also import an awaiting opt-in list from another email provider.  We’ll not mail to this group either.

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