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Created: February 08, 2013
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Add a Shared Database


Trail Blazer hosts databases for many customers as well as States (new ones being added all the time).  As a political customer you have full access to your State’s voter registration data.  Political and Non-profits also have the option to share databases with other customers.  This article will teach you how to do that.

Steps to Add a Shared Database

Acquire the name of the database you wish to share; you will need to get that directly from the customer or by calling into Trail Blazer at 866-909-8700

Under the Application Menu follow System Manager > Lists > Shared Databases

This will bring up a list of shared databases.  In my example I do not have any Shared Databases.

To add a new Shared Database click the [New] button on the search tool strip.

Fill out the appropriate information (this picture displays sample field information).

The Database Location aka Server changes over time (currently, you will need to call Trail Blazer Support to acquire this information at 866.909.8700

Click [Save and Close] located on the bottom right of the Declare New Shared Database card when you are finished filling out the appropriate Shared DB information.

Click [Search] on the search tool strip to refresh the list.  In my example the database name “testingdatabase_Joel_NP” was added to my list.