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Created: June 28, 2018
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Entering a Transfer In from a JFC (Joint Fundraising Committee) - Political Only


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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2018-06-28


This article is for political customers (campaigns, PACs and political parties).  It goes through the steps to record a ‘transfer in’ contribution from a Joint Fundraising Committee, and how to record the individual contributor’s gifts that make up the transfer in. Click here to read the FEC’s article on joint fundraising transfers.


1) Create a new Committee record by following Application Menu > System Manager > Lists > Committee > Click [+ New].

2) Enter the name, address, and contact details. Under the Disclosure tab set the committee type, and the office sought. Click [Save and Close] once you’re finished.

3) Create the ‘Transferer’ by following Application Menu > Financial > Receipts > Transferers > Click [+ New]

4) Fill in the information for the Transferer record, and then click [Save].  Keeping the record open, click [New] to begin adding the transfer-in (gift) record.

5) Fill in the transfer in gift information. Select the appropriate transfer from type from the drop-down, and then click [Save and Close]Note: the ‘Committee Solely Supporting Same Candidate” option will only apply for a committee/org that is dedicated to your candidate.

Note: After recording transfer in records you can view them in Transfers In list:

6) Navigate to the Voters list.  Search for and open the record of the first donorIn this example I used my own record.

7) Navigate to the Financial tab and click [+ New] to begin recording the individual ‘transfer in’ contribution(s).  These donations will make up the JFC Transfer In (created in the previous steps).

8) Enter the contribution data (amount/date/batch code/etc.). Set the contribution ‘type’ as Transfer In, select the Transferer from the drop-down menu (created in the previous steps), and [Save and Close].

9) Repeat these steps until all of the individual gifts have been entered.  These individual contributions will make up the entire transfer in amount ($20,000 in this example).

10) When recording your deposit in the future, the transfer in contributions will display under the Transfer In tab.

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