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Created: June 29, 2016
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How to Create Custom Email Responders for Specific Events - New 2016 Feature Upgrade

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2016-06-29


This article shows how to use one of your custom email templates as an auto-responder for a specific event.  The article assumes you already know how to create and customize your events.

By default Trail Blazer will send a receipt with the purchase information (which is still an option as a merge field) but if you select one of your own templates for the email response it will only send that email response.

IMPORTANT!  *If you decide to create your own email responder for events, it will *NOT* send the order receipt that normally goes out.  If you want the details of their order to still be included in the email you’ll need to use the merge field <<OrderReceipt>> which can be found at the bottom of the merge field drop-down (shown below): Get a head start with your email template creation by using one of our Standard Internal Trail Blazer Templates.


First you’ll want to verify that the template you want to use has been created in your Templates list.  My example is below called ‘Membership Event Auto-Responder w/Merge Fields’ as shown in the image below.

If you don’t have a template created yet you’ll want to create your own with the merge fields you want to use, or choose from one of our Standard Templates as a starting point.

After verifying that your email template is ready, navigate to the Events list and open the event you want to configure an email-responder for.  In my example I opened the most recent event in my database which was setup to sell memberships and was called ‘Become a Member of Pandamonium’.

Navigate to the Email Response tab within the event record underneath Setup.

Select the template you want to use from the drop-down menu and click [Save].

Run a test signup through your event to verify the email looks how you want it to, and that the merge fields you chose to utilize are functioning correctly (not all merge fields work in auto-responder emails).  This process is laid out in the sequence of screenshots below.

Img 1 of 7 – After Saving the Event, Click [View Page]

Img 2 of 7 – Select an Item (Ticket/Product/Membership) and Click [Order]

Img 3 of 7 – Fill Out the Top-Half of Test Event Purchase

Img 4 of 7 – Fill Out the Bottom-Half of Test Event Purchase

Img 5 of 7 – Order Confirmation Page after Purchase

Img 6 of 7 – Top-Half of My Example Email Response that Went Out

Img 7 of 7 – Bottom-Half of My Example Email Response that Went Out

Repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the way your auto-responder emails looks.  Once you’re finished you can purge your test orders by following the steps below.

Img 1 of 3 – Open the Test Order under the Sales > Orders Tab

Img 2 of 3 – Open Each Order Line and Delete it

Img 3 of 3 – Delete the Full Test Order Once Each Order Line has been Removed

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