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Created: March 23, 2016
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Manually Assigning Tickets to Specific Event Attendees (Ticket Holders) after the Original Purchase Order has been Created

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2016-03-22


This article walks through the steps to assign tickets to ticket holders after a purchaser has purchased a batch of tickets.  These steps would occur if you want to track every single person who is attending the event vs a general admission style of event.  This will be done post-purchase, whether they bought the tickets online OR if you hand entered a purchase order within your database.

Note: If you are a theater company or your event is a reserved seating event where you want people to pick their seats off of a map, you can view our additional services page which provides pricing on how much it will cost for us to design the venue seating chart ($1/seat as of the time this article was written).  To see an example of that, click here. Plan and prep for you events well in advance (2-3 months), especially if this is your first time using the Trail Blazer event system.  It’s beneficial to run some test purchases to see the entire flow of data through the web into your database.


*If someone pays for your event online and purchases multiple tickets it’ll automatically create the purchase order in your database.  In my example, I (Joel Kristenson) purchased 5 tickets online as shown in the images below.

Img 1 of 3 – Selecting the Tickets to Purchase ‘Online’

Img 2 of 3 – Entering the Purchaser’s Name on Each Ticket until they Provide Details of who those People will Be

Img 3 of 3 – How the Purchase Order looks in the Database

If you navigate to the ‘Tickets’ tab you’ll be able to see who the current ticket holders are.  In my case, since I filled out my name for each ticket, it lists me as the ticket holder for 5 tickets.

Open the order by navigate to the Sales > Orders tabs, and clicking on the Order IDIn my example it was order ID 41.

Navigate to the Tickets tab which will display each ticket holder under this order.  In my example it’s currently me for all of them, but that’s about to change.

To change the ticket holder start by clicking on the Ticket ID for the one you want to change.  In this example I selected the ticket with ID 34.

Click on the blueUpdate’ hyperlink.

Run a search query for the person you want to assign the ticket to, and then click [Select] next to their name.  *If they aren’t in the database click the [+ New] button to add them as a new contact record.

Click [Save] to finish updating the attendee.

Here’s what my example looks like after the ticket holder was updated.

Repeat these steps until you’ve updated all of the ticket holders that you need to.  My finished example is below.

Once you are finished make sure that you’ve appropriately marked the amount paid, added a payment (contribution) by clicking the button at the top, and mark the order status as ‘completed’.  Then click [Save and Close] to finish.

Repeat these steps for all purchase orders that you need to update ticket holders for.

To get a quick report of who your ticket holders are, you’ll run that under the Tickets sub-tab:

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