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Created: May 27, 2015
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Delete a Contribution


If a contribution has not yet been deposited (as indicated by a checkmark in the Deposited column), you may just highlight the invoice and click the [Delete] button.

WARNING.  If you are a federal campaign (political), BE SURE you understand the effects of what you are doing.  If the contribution you want to delete is from a prior reporting period, you will need to file amended campaign finance reports.  Because you may also be adjusting a bank deposit, your bank reconciliations will need to be redone as well.  Proceed with caution.

Deleting a Contribution That Has Been Deposited

If you the contribution has been deposited, there are some additional steps that must be completed.  
1. The deposit must be un-deposited,
2. Delete the contribution
3. Redeposit those other items you un-deposited.

Let's proceed...

For our example we are going to delete contribution number 158 for Margaret W Jones from 4/12/07.  It is highlighted below.

UNDEPOSITING - see warning above regarding prior period adjustments.

You need to know the date the contribution was deposited.  That information can be found on the right side of the highlighted contribution as shown above.

1. Be sure to close the Voter/Donor record before proceeding.

2. Select the deposit:

3. Open the deposit by click on the deposit ID number.  In this case #38.

4. UNCHECK the Deposited checkbox click the [Save and Close] button.  

Click [Yes] on the warning message.

5. Re-open the Voter/Donor record of the person whose contribution you want to delete.  BE SURE TO HIGHLIGHT THE CORRECT RECORD BEFORE DELETING!

6. Click the [Delete]  button.

7. Confirm the delete and then [Save and Close].


Now that the contribution has been deleted, you need to re-deposit the deposit we undepostited previously.  (did you follow that?)  It contains other transactions that were part of that deposit.

8. Open the Deposit List and locate the deposit you previously un-deposited.

The Deposited column will have the checkmark omitted.  Open the deposit by clicking on the deposit number (38 in our example).

In our example the original deposit was for $602.75.  We deleted a $175 contribution.  That leaves $427.75 to be re-deposited.

The items that were previously un-deposited are still checked to Include.  Depending on the number of un-deposited transactions, you may need to sort and scroll through the list to locate the proper transactions.

9. Click on the Deposited checkbox

10. Click [Save and Close]


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