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How to use this Knowledge Base

Document Conventions

The following table shows the typographic conventions used in the Trail Blazer help documentation.



Indicates a mouse click with the name of the command in the brackets.

click [Apply] or click [Update]


Indicates placeholders, most often used to describe filling out a sequence of  parameters in a form; these placeholders represent information that must be supplied by the user.

My name is yourname.

You would type the following

My name John Smith.


Items within quotes are taken literally

"John Smith"

You would type the following:

 John Smith

Plus sign

Indicates a combination of keys. For example, ALT+F1 means to hold down the ALT key while pressing the F1 key.


Capital letters

Indicates the names of keys and key sequences.




Bolded text is used to indicate different areas of subject matter.

This documents title is:
Document Conventions


Text within parentheses further explains an item.

John Smith (voter)





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