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Created: May 23, 2017
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How to Upload Documents to your System Gallery such as PDF’s, Spreadsheets, Audio Clips, Image Files, Etc.

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-05-23


In 2014 the System Gallery feature was added to the software.  This allows users with administrative access to upload, and store documents in their database.  This can be useful for a variety of reasons such as:

- Adding images to an eblast.

- Storing grant documentation.

- Storing PDF documents such as a newsletter or event poster to link to from a mass email campaign.

- Saving audio files, and linking to them from a mass email campaign.


Navigate to the System Gallery by following Application Menu > System Manager > System Gallery

Select the folder you would like to import the file(s) into.  In this example I selected the Images folder.

Click [Import File] from upper-left of the screen.


Locate and highlight the file that you want to upload, and click [Open]In this example I selected a .png image file called “2015-06-04-link-to-website-icon-circle-blurple.png” from my Temp folder.

The new file will now display in your System Gallery in the folder that you previously select.  My example image file is displayed below - you can toggle the drop-down for how the files will appear i.e. Large Icons, Details, List View, Etc.

At this point you’re finished with the upload process.

*Optionally, you can right-click on the file, and Publish it to the Web which will allow you to do things like insert the images into your future email campaigns.  If this is something you wish to do simply right-click on the file and select Publish on web.

Click [OK] to finish.

As of the time this article was written the base level package with Trail Blazer provides up to 1G of document storage, and its $10.00/mo for each additional GB after that.  Feel free to contact our Support or Sales departments if you think you may be close to your limit.

HINT: If you want to save some time uploading multiple files, highlight the entire set of files on your local machine and drag-and-drop them into the System Gallery.

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