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Created: May 27, 2015
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How to Un-deposit a Contribution (Primarily for Political Customers)

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2015-05-27


This KB is intended for Political customers and in the rare circumstance for those nonprofit customers who track their accounting inside of Trail Blazer.  (Most of our nonprofit customers use QuickBooks Online for Nonprofits to manage their deposits, expenses, etc.)

The article first walks through the steps to find a contribution that has already been deposited in a voter’s contact record, how to find the deposit date.  Next it shows how to find the deposit record, how to find the specific contribution that was deposited, and how to un-deposit it out of the database.


Navigate to your Voters list, run a search query for the contributor who has a contribution record you need to un-deposit.  In this example I queried for all donors who gave last quarter and selected a contact named “Meriam Abraham”.

Click the Financial tab, and highlight the contribution record so that the related information displays to the right.  In this example I used the contribution record from 2/5/2015 for $5,000.00.

This will provide the pertinent information to track down the deposit record, specifically the Deposit DateIn my example the deposit date was on 2/21/2015 as shown in the detailed image below.

Now that you know the Date deposited for the contribution, jot that down or take a screenshot, and close out of the current contact record card.

Next, navigate to your Deposits list and query by the date the contribution was deposited.

Open the deposit record by clicking on the blue ID hyperlink.  In my example it was ID #55.

Uncheck the box in the upper-left for ‘Deposited’.

Click [Save] in the lower-right, and click [OK] when prompted with a warning.

This effectively marks all contributions that are included in the deposit slip as un-deposited.

The Date field in the upper-left will now be reactivated, and the column ‘Include in Deposit’ turns green allowing you make changes:

Uncheck the box in the ‘Include in Deposit’ column for the contribution record you need to un-deposit, and click [Save].

At this point you’re finished with the un-depositing of a contribution.

Reopen the original contact record that contained the deposited contribution.  In my example I continued to use Meriam Abraham who had the $5,000.00 donation from 2/5/2015.

You’ll notice that the deposited checkbox is no longer checked.

Once you’re done making your changes, save-and-close.

You’ll need to return the deposit record, and mark it as deposited again.

 Open the deposit record, re-check the box for ‘Include in Deposit’, and click [Yes].

Check the box in the upper-left for Deposited, and click Save-and-Close.

You’re now finished with all the steps. Contact your FEC analyst if there’s anything in question regarding amendments and the manipulation of your contribution records (800-424-9530 or

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