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Created: January 12, 2018
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Creating and Saving Default Formats for Reporting with the Grid

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2018-01-12


Roughly a month ago a new update of the software went out which included some significant changes to the way you create formats, save them, and most importantly you can now assign them as a default for either yourself or all database users.  This saves you the hassle of reloading a format each time you open a new search window.


  • Formats are still specific to the list they’re created in i.e. Voters/Donors, Contributions, Email Campaigns, Event Attendees, Etc.
  • You must administrative access to set default formats for all users of your database. Read a blog post on the same topic for a more succinct walk through.


Navigate to the list you want to create a format in, in this example I used my Contacts (Voter/Donor) list.

Click on the Format drop-down menu on the list tool strip.

Select Columns.

The options you have in the Column Selection window are listed below in three separate images with descriptions for each tab.


- Select which columns display in your grid by checking/unchecking the boxes in the column on the right.

- Select Joined Tables in the lower-left to pull in information from other tables in the database i.e. Households, Addresses, User, etc.

- Use the buttons on the right to perform tasks such as Select All, Clear All, and Show Selected.


- You can add the Attribute Values, Dates, and Note fields into the grid as columns from this tab.


- Change the column title under the Header column.

- Quickly remove certain columns by unchecking them under the Visible column.

- Choose which columns are frozen under the Frozen tab.

- Choose which columns are updateable under the Updateable column.

NOTE: Not *all* columns are updatable in the grid view even though the system currently allows you to check all of the check boxes in this column.

Once you’ve configured the format click [OK] to update the grid.

Once you have a format that you’re satisfied with you’ll need to save it before you can assign it as a system default.

Click the Format drop-down button, and select Save as….

Give the format a recognizable name, and click [Save].

After you’ve saved your format, you can then set is as a default for either you specifically OR for all other users of the database.

Click the Format drop-down button, and select Assign as Default

This will bring up another screen which gives you two options:

- This format is used as my personal default.

- This format is used as the global default, affecting all users.

(In my example I chose to set it is as a personal format.)

Click [OK] to finish.

You’re now finished with this process.

Take a look at related resources below for links to other articles, and videos.

Feel free to call/email our support line if any questions come up going through these steps.

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