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Created: April 23, 2015
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Add Attributes, Attribute Dates, and Attribute Notes to the Grid by Formatting them in as Columns

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2015-04-22


This article shows how to add Attribute Values, Attribute Dates, and Attribute Notes into the grid as columns for reporting purposes.

This can be very useful for a wide variety of reasons.  One example would be to pull the canvassing results from one of your mobile walks lists into a report to see total counts for each answer, as well as the date the voter was canvassed.  It can also be useful when re-entering data from a physical paper walk list (covered in the last section of this article). Get up to speed on how to create new Attribute Folders/Items, and how to save custom Formats for future use.


Navigate to your contacts list (Voters/Donors) and run your search query.

(In my example I pulled up anyone who had any of the attributes I used as questions in my mobile canvassing list, it returned 2061 records.)

Select the Format drop-down button, and choose Columns.

Navigate to the Attributes tab, locate and expand the folder(s) of Attributes you want to add to the grid, check all of the boxes under the Setting/Date/Note columns, and the click [OK].

The system will add the columns to the far right of the grid (outlined in red in the screenshot below).

(*Optionally you can click-and-drag on the column header left or right to rearrange the order in which they appear.)

At this point you’re finished with this process.

Continue reading for tips on other useful task you can perform from this point forward, and checkout the related resources at the bottom for links to other articles and videos.


Option 1 - The quickest way to run an export to a .csv file would be to click the [Export] button on the list tool strip.  (Image below).

Option 2 – To export a householded list and/or to add additional data to the export follow File > Utilities > Export from the file drop-down menu at the top.  (Image below).


To simply print your list on paper, click the [Print] button from the list tool strip.  (Two images below).

Image 1 – Print

Image 2 – Print Preview (in landscape mode)

Generate a Walk List

To create a quick walk list using the current list click the [Reports] button in the bottom-right and select Walk List Selectable Format.

Here’s the print preview on how the walk list looks with the attribute columns included.

(You may need to add/remove certain columns as well as change column headers so that all the data displays on paper correctly, in my example I removed a few extra columns that weren't necessary for my canvassers.)

Save Format and Set as Default

If you plan on using the format you created again in the future, click on the Format drop-down menu and select Save-As.  (Image below).

If you want to set it as the default for either you, another user, or all users - click the Format drop-down, and select Assign as Default.  (Image below).

Make Columns Updateable in the Grid View for Batch Data Entry

If you are performing a task such as distributing and re-entering data for paper walks, it can be much quicker if you perform the task in the grid view vs. going into each voter record and manually updating the attributes.  To make a column updateable click the Format drop-down, and select columns.

Then navigate to the Format tab and check the boxes in the Updateable columns, and click [OK].

That allows you to then click the [Edit] button once you’re back in the grid view, turning the columns green, allowing you to go row by row updating the information.

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