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Created: November 05, 2018
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Fund Allocation and Summary Report

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2018-11-05


This article will show you how to create new restricted funds.  Enter and allocate a new contribution towards multiple funds at once, and how to run a summary (pivot) report.


#1 Create a New Fund

#2 Manually Enter a Contribution and Allocate to Multiple Funds at Once

#3 Query by Funds and Run a Summary (Pivot) Report

#4 Related Resources Use the Ctrl+F hot key to jump to different sections using keywords like #1, #2, Related Resources

#1 Create a New Fund

*Assumes you have proper security settings

Follow Application Menu > System Manager > Lists > Funds

This will display your current fund list.  Click [+ New] from the search tool strip.

Enter a Fund NameIn this case I created a fund called 2014 – 2015 Capitol Campaign.

If you want to make the fund Active and/or Show on donation page - check the corresponding boxes.  In this case I did both.

Click [Save] when you’re finished (You can always open these funds back up in the future to make adjustments).

Click [Search] to refresh the list.

This is how it would appear on your donation form:

As of the date this article was written your online donors can only contribute to a single fund per donation.  The next section will show you how you can allocate a manually entered contribution to multiple funds at once inside the database.  This could come into play for check/cash/in-kind donations, but you could also open a pre-existing credit card donation and allocate it to fund(s) after the fact.

#2 Manually Enter a Contribution and Allocate to Multiple Funds at Once

Navigate to your donors list.

Query for the record of the person who contributed.  In this example I found my own record (Joel Kristenson).

Open the record and click on Contribute.