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Created: March 22, 2017
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How to Print Checks through Trail Blazer for Recorded Payments

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-03-22


This article will teach you how to print checks through Trail Blazer in two different ways.  The first method will show how to print a single check for a single payment, and the second method shows how to print a batch of checks for a list of payments.

This tutorial also details the different print options you have along the way which is important depending on what type of check paper you’re printing onto.  This task *requires you have security access to the Financial lists under the Application Menu. Watch this video to learn how to create an invoice and make a payment against it prior to printing a check for the payment.

Steps to Print a Check for a Single Payment

Navigate to the Payees list under the Application Menu.

Search for the Payee you need to print a check for and open their record.  In this example I search for Insty-prints.

Under the Invoices tab click on the ‘Invoice ID’ link that contains the payment you need to print a check for.  In this example it was Invoice ID 837.

Under the Payments tab click on the ‘Payment ID’ link for the payment you want to print a check for.  In my example it was Payment ID 858.

On the Invoice Payment Card click the [Print Check] button.

Calibrate the check settings if necessary, and then select the check format from the drop-down.  In my example I used the Single Top Check (format 2).

Choose what data you want to print out on the check by checking the different boxes, and then click [OK]In my example I printed all the available data e.g. Payer Name, Check Number, Bank Name, etc.

Review the print preview and click [Print] in the upper-left if everything is good to go.  You can modify the page settings further if necessary by clicking the [Print Settings] button.  My finished example is below.

You may need to run a few test prints if this is your first time printing checks to verify that all the settings match the type of check paper correctly.

The next section walks through the steps to print checks for a list of payments.

Steps to Print a Batch of Checks for a List of Payments

Navigate to the Payments list under the Application Menu.

Run your search query for the payments you want to print checks for by things like date, payee name, payment type, election, etc.

You can only print checks from one bank account at a time so you’ll need to add that filter to your search (if you have multiple bank accounts).  My example is below for all payments from First National Bank for the Primary 2016 election which produced 7 payments.

Click File > Print Checks…

Calibrate your settings if necessary, choose which format to use, select which data to print out on the check, check the box to proceed, and click [OK]My example is below.

A print preview will generate.  Verify everything looks correct (you may have to run a few test prints to make sure your printer is calibrated correctly for the type of check paper you’re using), and then click [Print].

If further changes are needed for the print settings you can click the [Print Settings] button at the top, or click [Cancel] to return back to the list and modify your check printing settings further.

My finished example is below.

After you run your print preview of checks for payments a flag will be set on the payment so it will no longer show if you search with the box ‘Ready for check printing’ checked.  My example is below.

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