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Created: May 17, 2017
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How to Enter a Payment for an Invoice (Primarily for Political Campaigns)

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-05-17


This article will teach you how to enter a payment for an invoiceThe article assumes you already know how to create a payee and an invoice. New to tracking finances in Trail Blazer?  Take our free financial training classes which will get your campaign treasurer(s) up to speed on how to accurately track all of the incoming and outgoing money for your campaign so that you can file your FEC reports without a hitch.


Open the payee record that has the invoice you need to make a payment against.  You can search for the payee from the Payees (Invoicing) list or search for unpaid invoices from the Invoices list.  The two screenshots below show the different ways to do this.

Img 1 of 2 – Search for a Payee from the Payees (Invoicing List) List

Img 2 of 2 – Search for Unpaid Invoices from the Invoices List

Once you’ve opened the Payee record, click on the Invoice ID under the Invoice tab for the one you need to make a payment for.  In my example it was ID 781.

In the Invoice Card click the [+ New] button under the Payments tab.

Fill out the Payment form and click [Save and Close]My example is below for a payment that pays the full invoice amount.  If you’re concerned or have questions about how to categorize or input any of the data you should contact your FEC analyst or our support team.

After saving your payment, click [Cancel] or the red [X] to close the Invoice Card.

Back in the payee record the payment amount and open balance will reflect the change.  My example is below for the invoice that was paid off in full.

You can search for payments and view details in the Payments list.  Some common examples of doing this would be by date range or by election.

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