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About Firewalls


What’s a firewall?


Although the name may invoke a physical thing, a firewall is just a computer program. Simply put, it controls all information/data traveling into and out of a computer via a network.


The first thing that can block a connection to SQL Server is a firewall. If you have any firewalls, make sure they are configured to allow connections to SQL Server. The default TCP port that SQL Server uses is 1433. Firewalls include McAfee, Norton, Windows Firewall which ships with Windows XP SP2, and Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) which ships with Windows 2000.


If you are having a connection issue with Trail Blazer, please turn off your firewall and try again.  How you turn off your firewall depends on what brand of firewall you are using.  You may need to do an internet search such as “how to turn off brandname firewall”.


Call Trail Blazer support at 952-767-2651 if you have questions.


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