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Created: December 06, 2017
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Custom Donation Amounts for Non-Primary Donation Pages - List of All Configurable Donation Page URL Options

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Content Provided by: Panger, Mark & Hanf, Pat

Last Updated: 2017-12-06


This article provides a dynamic list of custom URL configurations you can use on your online donation form(s) to customize things like amounts, descriptions, if funds display or not, if the form supports international addresses or not, and more.

This list will change over time and has evolved a lot in the last few years as customers request more control over the look and feel of their donation form. This video shows how to create iFrames, such as the donation form, and this list provides the current merchant gateways you can use with your Trail Blazer database.

List of Configurable URL Options

Scenario: You may want to have more than one donation page.  These multiple donation pages may serve different purposes.

For instance, you may want a donation page that only accepts specific dollar amounts, or has specific funds, or no funds, or specific descriptions…you get the idea.


Important! The red text for YourDatabaseName in the code below will *need* to be swapped out with your actual database name (ex: DemoNonprofit_Joel).  If you don’t know it, contact our live support.


You can modify your iframe code to override the donation amounts currently configured within Trail Blazer.

Your current donation iframe code may look like this:

 <IFRAME src="" width="520" height="900" frameborder="0" scrolling="Yes" onload="scroll(0,0)"> </IFRAME>

The above iframe will use the donation amounts you’ve configured within Trail Blazer.

The example below will override the amounts with custom amounts of $25.17, $37.47 and $100:,37.47,100

Example screenshot:


If you are configured to display your donation description on your website, you can modify the line to add custom descriptions:,37.47:some more text,100:patron

Example screenshot:


The full iFrame code to utilize the custom amounts & descriptions would be:

<IFRAME src=",37.47:some more text,100:patron,OTHER" width="520" height="900" frameborder="0" scrolling="Yes" onload="scroll(0,0)"> </IFRAME>


Here’s the full list of URL configurations:

true|false or 0|1 for Boolean on url

· recurrence=

· funds=

· international=

· honor_of=

· banner= (This controls the social media banner at the top of the page if you choose to ‘link’ to the form on the Trail Blazer server vs embedding it as an iFrame)

data required after the =

· default_amount=

· contactid=

· eventid=

· cmtid=6 (committeeid – this could be useful if you have multiple chapters/committee’s, each with their own donation form)

· originid=20 (attributeID – this will link the form to an attribute you’ve created in your database, attributes are flagged to a contact, not a contribution)

· ver=

· rdif=

· rd=

Click here to download the PDF version.  This will change periodically so check back often.

The related resources below link to a wide variety of similar topics.  Don’t hesitate to call us if you need a hand with any of this.

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