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Created: December 02, 2015
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Revoke a User's Access to your Database

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Author: Joel Kristenson
Last Updated: 2015-12-01


This article will teach you how to quickly revoke a user’s access to your database, these steps have been updated in 2015 so that it takes far fewer steps than it used to.  This can be useful if someone leaves your team/organization, gets fired, or you simply want to adjust their security clearance levels.  You must have full administrative security access to the System Manager in Trail Blazer in order to add/edit/remove a user.


IMPORTANT: I used the ‘political’ version of Trail Blazer for this article so when I refer to ‘voters’ it could be label Donors, Contacts, or something else in your database, but the steps are basically the same.

First locate this user by pulling up a list of all the database users.

Navigate to the Voters (Donors/Contacts) list.

Navigate to the Admin tab, the Logon sub-tab, check Allow Windows-based Access, and click [Search].  In my example it produced two user records with access to my database.

Select the user you need to revoke or limit security access for by clicking on any of the blue hyperlinks to open their record card.  In this example I selected the user “Mark Panger” as displayed in the picture below:

Navigate to the Admin tab, and the Logon sub-tab, and click the red [Revoke All Access] button as shown in the image below:

Click [OK] to proceed.

Click [Save and Close] to finish this procedure.

Click [Search] once you’re back in the Voters (Donors/Contacts) list to refresh the list of DB UsersIn my example the list dropped from 2 users to 1.

That sums up the basic steps to remove a user’s security as well as the email notifications they receive for online occurrences.

For more information, continue reading to see what actually takes place in their record card when the security is revoked, and take a look at the Related Resources at the bottom for quick links to other related articles & videos.

This is what happens to the ‘Security and Notification’ attributes in a user’s record card when their security is revoked:

IMPORTANT!  Never give out your username/password/database name (unless you are creating a new user) and always keep them stored in a secure place.  Never share the same user account for 2 individuals (the reason being that you can more easily perform audits and track work and it increases security *unless you’re using the Mobile Poll Watching app.

If you have any questions or are uncertain about users and security, give the Trail Blazer support team a call at 1-866-909-8700.

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