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Created: January 25, 2023
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Tracking Lawn Signs with the Mobile Canvassing App

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2023-01-25


This article walks through the steps to set up lawn signs in your database to use for canvassing, and how to enable them for use with the mobile canvassing app.  It also covers the steps to include the lawn sign component on new and existing canvassing lists.  Finally, it shows how to flag lawn sign requests inside of the mobile canvassing app, and how you can search for lawn sign requests from the desktop CRM and the mobile app.


1. Create Lawn Signs and Enable them for Canvassing

2. Enable Lawn Signs for ‘Existing’ Canvassing Lists

3. Tracking Lawn Sign Requests and Installations on the Mobile App

 Tip: if you geocode your address data, you can visually see on a map where lawn signs are requested and installed via the Trail Blazer IQ web app.  Here’s an example:

1. Create Lawn Signs and Enable them for Canvassing

Navigate to System Manager > Lists > Lawn Sign Types.

Your existing lawn sign options will populate.  You can click the [+ New] button at the top to create new ones, and you can click on the name of any existing ones to open and edit the lawn sign record.  By default, each of the existing lawn sign records will have the box checked to enable the lawn sign for mobile canvassing.  You can open any record to very if it is enabled, and to remove it as needed.

When adding a new lawn sign option, or updated an existing one, you can modify variables such as the display label, the name, the height, and the width.

2. Enable Lawn Signs for ‘Existing’ Canvassing Lists

To enable lawn sign tracking for an ‘existing’ canvassing list, you’ll start by navigate to Canvassing Lists.

Click [Search] to populate your list.

(Don’t have any canvassing lists created? This tutorial shows how:

Click on the name of the canvassing list that you want to enable lawn sign tracking for.

Check the box in the top-right to Include lawn sign section.  You can also modify the text of the question that will display on the canvassing list.

Save and close to finish.  Repeat these steps for all existing canvassing lists that you need to enable the lawn sign tracking feature for.

3. Tracking Lawn Sign Requests and Installations on the Mobile App

You’ll first need to create a new canvassing list, include the lawn sign component, and assign the list to your canvassers.  The lawn sign feature is set to be included by default when creating a new list.  It is configured at the stage of the process where you are selecting a script and selecting who to assign it to:

Log into the Trail Blazer Mobile Base Camp app and navigate to the Canvassing section.

(download here:

Open your assigned canvassing list.

Tap on Addresses or Contacts to begin canvassing.  I selected Addresses for this example.  Both serve their own purpose.

Open up a voter or address record to begin canvassing.

When you have a voter’s record open while canvassing, the lawn sign question will now display, along with the lawn sign types that you’ve activated in your database for canvassing.  My example is below.

By default, the status will reflect as ‘Requested’.

If you are installing a lawn sign, you can tap on Requested, and it will change the status to InstalledExample below of an installed lawn sign.

You can tap on the Edit button to open the lawn sign request, and add comments.  Example below.

On the canvassing screen, tap on the Save button in the top-right to save the lawn sign request.

If you open the voter’s record inside of the backend CRM, here is how the lawn sign request will appear.

You can search for lawn sign requests in two areas.

1. Inside of the desktop CRM, inside of the Lawn Signs List.

2. Inside of the mobile app from the Lawn Signs List.

Search by status requested, or other criteria.

As mentioned at the very start of this tutorial, you can open up Trail Blazer IQ and view lawn sign requests on a map.  Login here:

(this requires your address data to be geocoded:

Example Map View

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Download Page: Download the Trail Blazer Mobile Base Camp App

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