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Created: May 25, 2017
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How to Refund a Donor for a Credit Card Donation (from Vanco or Authorize.Net) and Record the Refund in Trail Blazer (Nonprofit Manager Version)

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-05-25


This article shows how to record a refund for a credit card donation using the nonprofit manager version of Trail Blazer.

This is specifically for nonprofit customers who use Vanco or Authorize.Net as their merchant gateway.  These two gateways will backfill a donation record if you simply delete the donation from the system after issuing a refund from your merchant gateway account.  There are specific steps to record this transaction correctly for your financial audit trail by recording a ‘negative’ donation to reflect the refund. Did you know you can take donations directly through your Facebook Page Here’s how.


Important: The actual refund for an online transaction will be issued via your *merchant gateway account*.  In this example it refers to either Authorize.Net or Vanco but this would be the same for any of the merchant gateways we integrate with.

Navigate to the Contacts (Donors) list.

Run a search query for the donor who you issued a refund to and open their record.  In this example I searched for Charles Flint.

Navigate to the Contribute tab and click [+ New].

Enter the value of the refund as a negative number into the memo field.  In this example I refunded the full amount of the donation which was $1,500.

Highlight the negative amount, and cut the value into your clipboard with (CTRL + X) or right-click and select Cut.

Paste the negative refund value into the Amount field, you can either use (CTRL + V) or right-click and select Paste.

Fill out the rest of the donation record such as the date of the refund, the type of donation (credit card), the event (if applicable), and record a memo regarding the refund.  [Save and Close] once you’re finished.  My finished example is below.

Back in the donor’s record card the refund amount will reflect in their giving history under the Contribute tab.  In my example there were two records that zeroed out after the refund was issued.

It’s not a bad idea to record a log note that details the refund as well.

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