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Created: February 09, 2017
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Filing your FEC Form 1 (Statement of Organization) - Political Only (Federal Campaigns)

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2017-02-09


This article walks through the steps to file your From 1 FEC Report (Statement of Organization) and submit it electronically through the Trail Blazer software to the FEC (Federal Election Commission).  This only applies to federal political campaigns & PACs.

It’s a good idea to contact your FEC analyst if you have any questions or concerns going through these steps; they also have a PDF guide for filing your Form 1 that you can download here. New to tracking finances for your campaign?  Setup a financial training class with one of our financial trainers for free (*requires you’ve attended our introduction training class that covers the basics).  Our Curriculum Page is a good place to start:


You’ll first want to verify all the information for your Committee has been recorded properly in Trail Blazer.

Navigate to the Committee list by following Application Menu > System Manager > Lists > Committee*Requires appropriate security clearance.

Click on your committee name to open your committee record.  In my example it was called Demo Campaign Database – Joel.

The following 4 screenshots show the different sections of the Committee record you’ll want to verify your information is present and accurate.

Img 1 of 4 – Verify the Campaign’s Physical Address

Img 2 of 4 – Verify the Officer Information is Correct under the Officers Tab

Img 3 of 4 – Verify the Dates and Elections are Correct under the Dates and Elections Tab

Img 4 of 4 – Verify the Data under Disclosure Settings

Navigate to the FEC Reporting list by following Application Menu > System Manager > Disclosure > FEC Reporting.

Click [+ New] on the Search Tool Strip.

Click the [1 Create Report] button at the top of the screen.

Select the Form 1 – Statement of Organization report type from the drop-down, fill out all the other information, and click [OK].

On the next screen check any of the boxes that apply and click [OK].  The effective date would be the date the committee was created or the date a new treasurer came on board.

After the report is run you’ll get a notification if it passed or failed validation.  If it failed, fix the errors and run it again.  Once it passes click the [2 Check & Print] button.

Review the PDF version that gets generated for any errors or missing/incorrect information.  Save the PDF version for your record keeping and navigate back to Trail Blazer.

Example of page 1 & 2 of my PDF print preview:

Click the [3 Save Report] button.

Once the report is saved click [4 Upload to Fec].

Fill out the FECLoad form and click [Submit Filing to FEC].

You’ll get a popup notification (it could take about 30 seconds) with either a success message or a failure messageIf the upload fails please contact our live support (1-866-909-8700).

You can view your saved reports by navigating to the FEC Reporting list under the Application MenuMy example saved reports are below.

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Training Link: Introduction Training to Trail Blazer (Required Before All Other Trainings)

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3rd Party Resource: PDF Instructions by the FEC for the Form 1

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Trail Blazer Live Support  Phone:  1-866-909-8700   Email:



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