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Created: February 04, 2013
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Do I have to Create an Invoice Before I Create a Payment?


Do I have to create an invoice before I create a payment? I'm trying to pay a VANCO fee.




Yes, but it’s very quick to make the payment.


There’s no requirement that you pay the invoice at the exact same time you receive the invoice. Therefore the payment is separate process. Also you can make partial payments against a single invoice. Those can be spaced out over several reporting periods, thus affecting the debt number on the FEC report.


  1. Create invoice and click SAVE.
  2. Click the payment button.
  3. Click NEW.
  4. Click Save and Close.

So you can see it just takes 3 extra clicks (2.3 seconds) to make the payment. If you decide to add a check number then you will have the additional keystrokes related to the check number.


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