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Created: November 01, 2017
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How to Create, Save, and Load Email Templates

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2016-12-21


This article provides a quick overview on how to create a new email template, save it, and load it from different areas of the program. Get an in-depth overview on how to design templates, upload and wrap text around images, etc. by watching this video tutorial.


Open the Templates list by following Application Menu > Communications > Email Campaigns > TemplatesIf you don’t see this list you don’t have the required security clearance.

Click [+ New] on the Search tool strip.

Create a name and click [OK].

Enter a catchy subject line and click [Save].

Compose your message with text, images, links, etc.

Once you’re finished click [Save and Close]My finished example is below.

To access this template again in the future you can navigate back to the Templates list, click [Search] and sort in descending order on the Template ID column.

You can open your template to make further changes if necessary.

Now that the template is saved you can use it throughout the program in both mass email campaigns, and individual emails.  Simply queue up a new message, click [Insert Template], select the one you want to use, and click [Open].

The previously saved template (along with its subject line) will be inserted and ready for use.

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