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Created: February 05, 2013
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Creating a Trackable Link Around Text and Images in an Email Template


Link tracking is a powerful tool that allows you to view the number of times a link is clicked in an email, who clicked on it, and answers many other questions related to what viewers are interested in within an email.  This article will walk you through the process of adding a trackable link around text and an image in your email template, and where you can perform analysis on those trackable links.


In many cases it’s useful to track links so that you can perform post Eblast analysis.  For example, targeting people who may have clicked on the donate link but did not actually donate.  In Trail Blazer you can view a list of all the trackable links you have created, and assuming you have sent at least one Eblast you can view how many times each link has been clicked.


Steps to insert a tracked link around text

First navigate to the Email Template you need to insert these tracked links into.  Follow Application Menu > Email Campaigns > Templates.


Click [Search] from the Search Tool Strip and select your Template from the list.  In this example I choose my template named “E-Newsletter #1”. If you need to learn how to create an Email Template, click here.


From within the Email Template either highlight the text you wish to set up as a trackable link, or type the text into the location of your choice and then highlight it, then click the [Insert Link] button located on the template tool stripIn this example I will track the words “click here” and will link it to our Trail Blazer Facebook page as demonstrated in the photos below:


Fill out the Displayed Text and Page Address Location in the Insert Hyperlink window.