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Created: February 06, 2013
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Address Management

Through spring of 2009 we stored a person's address with their name and other information.  It looked something like this (two people at the same address meant entering that address twice):

The above system was limted to 4 addresses: Home, Work, Mail, and Prior.

With our new address storage system we keep the addresses in a separate table.

The difference between the two systems above is that now instead of storing the same address twice for each person, we store each unique address once.  

This system of storing addresses allows you to store as many addresses per person as as you have:

Many people can be using the same address.  In this case all these people are using Address # 0002 as they all work at the same location.

How to manage these addresses in Trail Blazer.

The card below shows a voter/donor with 2 addresses.  Checkboxes indicate if the address is home or work.  Additional checkbox indicate which address is displayed when you perform a query.  For some people you want to see their home address.  For others, you want to see their work address.

There is also a checkbox where you decide which address gets mailed to when sending a letter.

In the picture below, we queried for particular couple named Brian and Angela Hanf.  You may notice they have SLIGHTLY different addresses.  One of the zip codes has a zip+4 and the other does not.  The database considers these to be two different addresses, but you and I do not.  Let's fix this.

You begin by opening the record of the person with the "incorrect" address.  In this case Angela has less information so we'll call this one the incorrect one.

Clicking the icon shown in the picture above brings us to the following screen.

We know there's another 5631 Welcome Ave N address in the database since there's a different one attached to Brian Hanf.  We want to display that address.

In the Corrected Address box, begin typing the address again.  After you have type a few characters, a list will appear in the bottom of other addresses that look similiar to the one you began typeing.

In this case we want to select the 3rd address with the full zip code.  Click the checkbox at the top that indicates you understand WHO will be affected by this change.  Click the Select button.  Angela will now be using the address record with the +4 zip code.

Save and Close the record.

Let's re-open Angela's record and click that same button that allows us to correct the address.

What if a couple has split-up and one person has moved to a new address?

Let's assume Brian has moved to a new address.  Let's open Brian's record and make the change.

Click the move icon as circled above.

Brian is moving to 8113 Mount Curve Blvd in Minneapolis.

As you begin typing the new address the database looks to see if that address already exists.  By the time you got to the letter M it found a couple of possibilities.  We are going to select the second address with the Minneapolis city name.  Click the checkbox at the top that indicates you understand WHO will be affected by this change.

IMPORTANT!!  Notice that since Brian is moving to a new address but Angela is not, that we have UNCHECKED the Include box at the top to indicate this address change DOES NOT affect Angela.

When we re-open Brian's record and UNCHECK the Current Addresses Only we can see the old address has moved to the bottom of the list.


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