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Created: February 05, 2013
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About Bounced Emails and Policy


This article details why some of your emails may be bouncing, and how to verify that the email address is valid.


If you try to resend an email to an address after it bounced as non-existent, the email will not be sent.  To be compliant with the CAN-SPAM act, we maintain a non-existent/bounced list for you to help ensure your emails are not blacklisted or blocked (this is only preventive, national and local ISP spam lists are not controlled by Trail Blazer).


Confirm the email is active by sending an email through your personal email client.

Correct any spelling errors then create and resend the mass email again.

Contact Trail Blazer support to assist with the address in question at or 866-909-8700

Email Bounce Policy

If an email is bounced you will not be allowed to resend it again within 30 days.  After 30 days, you may reset the bounce flag and attempt to resend. You may repeat this cycle up to 5 times.

After 5 bounces, the email will be placed on permanent bounce.  To release an email from permanent bounce, you will need to contact Trail Blazer Support at or 866.909.8700


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