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Created: October 13, 2016
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Editing Tracked Links for Mass Email Campaigns - Creating Names for those Missing a Name

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2016-10-13


This article walks through the steps to create/update the names for your tracked links.

How tracked links get created:  Whenever you’re creating a mass email campaign and create a ‘new hyperlink’ it will automatically add that to your list of tracked links in the database.  Ex:

Why you need to update them after the fact:  When you create a ‘new’ link in your mass email campaign it will create a tracked link, however it won’t provide it a name in the database, instead it will be called [not recorded].  This isn’t very useful when running a search query by the specific link after the fact – you may notice that your database looks something like the example below:

Why tracked links? Tracked links allow you see WHO is reading various aspects of your emails.  How many people clicked on my donate link?  Who were they?  Did they actually contribute?  Did anyone read the full article on my website?  Of all the links I had in my email, which ones had the most clicks (indicating what my recipients are generally interested in - or not)? Learn all about creating and scheduling mass email campaigns in this 20 minute video.


Navigate to the Tracked Links list by following Application Menu > Email Campaigns > Tracked Links.

Click [Search] to populate the full list.  In my example I had 36 tracked links.

Click on any of the blue hyperlinks to open the tracked link recordIn this example I opened the one with ID 44.

Enter a new name or update the existing name for the ‘Link Description’In this example I called mine ‘Sneezing Panda YouTube Video’.

Click [Save and Close] in the bottom-right once you’re finished.

Click [Search] once you’re back in the E-mail Tracked Links list to refresh the values.  Your new name will now display.  My example is below.

After using this link in emails moving forward you can run searches from the Donors (Contacts/Voters) list under the General > Email Links sub-tab.

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