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Election Day Procedures (Poll Watchers) Louisiana Only 2007


For these procedures to work properly, the campaign had to previously file “poll watchers” with the Clerk of Court no later than October 10th.  Otherwise no one on the campaign may enter a polling precinct during the election day (unless they are there to vote).


  1. If you have used Trail Blazer to identify your favorable voters, then you  can print an alphabetical list of your favorable voters by precinct.
    (From the Search Panel -> GROUPS -> SUPPORT, GENERAL -> PROFILE -> Precinct)

  2. Give your poll watcher your precinct favorable list.  They should go to the precinct and match the names of who has already voted with the names of who is on the favorable list.

  3. Because this is a high turnout election, your poll watcher should stay at the precinct for the entire day (the law allows 2 poll watchers at each precinct, but only 1 in the building at a time).

  4. The poll watcher should hand off the list with the names marked of the favorable voters who have voted.

  5. The campaign data person should go into Trail Blazer and update each precinct using a newly created group called Voted-election day mm/dd/yyyy, where mm/dd/yyyy is the election date.  (See this article for creating a customized format for QUICKLY updating your database)

  6. Upon updating the precinct list, the data manager should print a new list of favorable voters for each precinct, but removing the names of the favorables who have already voted (a NOT check box is used on the Voted-election day mm/dd/yyyy group).

  7. Each time a precinct list comes back to the headquarters, a phone bank should make calls to the favorables who have not yet voted.

  8. This procedure should be repeated three times throughout the day. Of course, the list should get smaller and smaller.

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