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Created: May 05, 2016
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How to Access and Use the Standard Trail Blazer Email Templates as a Starting Point for Template Creation and Mass E-Mail Campaigns

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2016-05-05


In 2015 a new feature was added allowing users to select from pre-built ‘Standard Trail Blazer Templates’ to use as a starting point when creating your own templates, and to use for both individual emails and mass email campaignsAs of the time this article was written there were about 12 to choose from, that number is likely to grow as customers put in more requests for different styles.  We have some that are fixed-width and others that are mobile-responsive.

Tip: With your Trail Blazer contract you get 1 free template which we will design, and build for you if you can provide rough outline of what you want along with any examples from previous email systems, images, color scheme, social media links, etc.


To begin creating a new template, navigate to the Templates list under the Application MenuRequires appropriate security clearance.

If you want to see your current template list click [Search]In my example there were 134, you can click on the ‘Template ID’ column twice to put the most recent one at the top.

Click the [+ New] button on the search tool strip to begin creating a new template.

Click the File drop-down in the upper-left and select Insert Trail Blazer standard template…

Check the box for Details to view more information about the templates (such as the create date), select the one you want to use, and click [Open]In my example I selected a newsletter templates called “t_Advanced_600_2_Column_Newsletter".

You can certainly repeat these steps to view what all of the different standard templates look like and which one will work best for your needs, my example is below.

You can now swap out the hyperlinks for your own, change the font, color-scheme, etc.  You can also upload and insert your own images, and documents (such as a PDF attachment).

Tip:  You can right-click on different sections of the editor to perform many different actions (such as styling the table, and the table cells).  This video talks about this in-depth, and these screenshots provides an example:

Img 1 of 2 – Right-clicking a Table Cell to Bring up a Context Menu with Action Items

Img 2 of 2 – Example Table Sell Properties Config.

Once you’ve finished modifying your template, you can save it in the ‘cloud’ for future use (by all of your db users) by clicking [Save].

You can use this template again from any other place in the system i.e. individual emails, and mass email campaigns.  Here’s an example from a mass email:

The related resources below provide links to a LOT of useful information on mass email, and template creation.  If you need any help getting your email templates up to snuff please don’t hesitate to call or email our live support team.

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