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Created: February 11, 2016
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How to Cancel a Mass Email Campaign as it's Going Out & How to Reschedule a Queued Email Campaign

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2016-02-10


This article walks through the steps to cancel an eblast that’s currently sending (this usually only works for larger lists, but isn’t as effective for a smaller campaign since the emails go out in batches it’s not as likely you could catch it in time), and section #2 shows how to cancel or reschedule an email campaign that’s already queued up to go out in the future. “Measure twice, cut once.”  Make sure you test your email thoroughly on different email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo…), and double-check the time you schedule it.  Giving yourself adequate time is very important when sending out a time sensitive eblast.


#1 Cancel an Eblast that’s Currently Sending

#2 Reschedule or Cancel an Eblast that’s Queued Up to Go Out in the Future

#3 Delete ‘Junk’ or Test Campaigns from the Email Campaigns List

#4 Related Resources

#1 – Cancel an Eblast that’s Currently Sending (primarily for larger campaigns 1k+)

In the rare circumstance that you need to cancel an email campaign that’s going out you’ll need to contact our support line ASAP (1-866-909-8700) in order for one of our technicians to cancel it from our end.

This may not catch all emails that are going out since they go out in batches, any new batches that have already been queued will be sent either way.

#2 – Reschedule or Cancel an Eblast that’s Queued Up to Go Out in the Future

Navigate to the Campaigns list by following Application Menu > Communications > Campaigns.

Click [Search] to populate the list, and then click on the ‘Campaign ID’ column two times to sort it in descending order so that your most recent campaign is at the top.  In my example it was Campaign ID 193.

Scroll out to the right on the grid until you see the column called ‘Date/Time Submission Scheduled’If you have a larger screen this column may already be present, but most users working on a smaller monitor will need to use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom.

Click on the blue hyperlink with the date/time for when your email campaign is currently scheduled to go out.  In my example it was the only one queued up, and was scheduled for 2/10/2016 @ 8:00 AM.

From this pop-up screen you can either cancel the campaign to continue working on it/delete it OR you can select a new date/time to schedule the campaign to go out at.  Both examples are shown below.

Img 1 – Change the Date/Time to Reschedule the Campaign for

Img 2 – Cancel the Campaign to Continue Editing OR Delete It

If you choose to cancel the campaign for further editing, you can now reopen it from the Campaigns list to continue editing.  Example below.

If you make changes and you want to send the campaign, click the [Send] button in the bottom-right to schedule it again.

Img 1 – To Reschedule the Campaign after Canceling it Click [Send]

Img 2 – Select Date/Time, Click [OK]

#3 – Delete ‘Junk’ or Test Campaigns from the Email Campaigns List

Navigate to the Campaigns list.

Search for the campaign(s) you want to delete.  In my example I pulled up all the email campaigns in the database which provided 41 results.

Click on the [Exclude] button and then check just the boxes for the campaigns you want to delete.  In my example I select most of my test campaigns for a total of 25 campaigns to delete.

Select File > Delete.

Select your options for which type of campaigns to delete and click [OK].

You’ll get a pop-up warning, click [OK] to proceed if you’re 100% sure the correct campaigns are selected.

You’ll get another pop-up message once the operation is complete.  Click [OK].

If you reset your query, and click [Search] it will refresh the list showing only the email campaigns that remain.  In my example the list shrunk to 17 campaigns.

To learn more about the mass email features, take a look at the links in the Related Resources section below.

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