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Created: June 17, 2015
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Refreshing your Address Records with Political Jurisdiction Data i.e. CD, SD, LD… (Only Applies to Customers who Live in a State we Provide Updated Voter Data For)

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2015-06-17


This article is primarily intended for users of the Campaign/PAC product, but there’s still a variety of useful information below for non-profits related to the upkeep of address records in your database.

These steps cover how to refresh your database against the most up-to-date state voter database which includes the contact’s Home Address, CD, SD, LD, Precinct, Etc.

IMPORTANT!  You must have appropriate security clearance to perform these tasks. The number of state databases that Trail Blazer provides is expanding all the time so check back often to see if your state has made the list, or feel free to contact our Sales or Support departments with your inquiries.

Current List of Trail Blazer State-wide Database (updated 6/16/2015)

1. Arkansas

2. Colorado

3. Louisiana

4. Minnesota

5. Michigan

6. Missouri

7. Ohio

8. Oklahoma

9. New Jersey

10. New York

11. North Carolina

12. Washington


Navigate to the Addresses list under the Application Menu.

Click [Search], select the load all radio button, and click [OK]You could run this process on a smaller segment by filtering via search query, in this example I chose to run it on the entire database of 46,840 address records.

Once your address records have populated follow File > Refresh Political Jurisdiction Data...

This process may take a long time to run if you have a large database 100k+ address records.

Click [OK] to proceed.

Developer’s description on how this utility will run:

--- For each included address in the current list, political jurisdiction information will be updated using information from the state registered voter list. --- Run mass processes like this on a Remote Desktop connection if you’re a PC user.  Mac users are always running on a remote desktop session so your mass updates will run faster by default.

When the process is complete it will prompt you with the results, my example is below.

Click [OK] to finish.

You’re now finished with these steps.  You’ll likely want to repeat them after elections take place in your state in order to keep address data as fresh as possible.

The Related Resources below link to a variety of similar tasks to keep the addresses in your database as clean as possible.

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