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Created: May 11, 2018
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Exporting from QuickBooks and Importing Contribution Records into Trail Blazer

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2018-05-11


When you’re first getting started with Trail Blazer you may want to send us your contribution records which have been stored in QuickBooks.

This article provides links to 3rd party resources.  We do not provide support for QuickBooks so if you need assistance going through the steps you should contact their support department.

We will however, evaluate your spreadsheet for you, and let you know if further cleanup is required per our data conversion policy.

Tip: Call customer support at QuickBooks for assistance on using their software tools:


Steps for the Installed Version of QuickBooks

In QuickBooks:

Reports > Sales > By Customer Detail

Customize the report to include these columns:

· Date

· Name Street1

· Name Street2

· Name City

· Name State

· Name Zip

· Name (this column is mapped to Trail Blazer’s employeeID column. This is what creates the link between QuickBooks and Trail Blazer)

· Memo

· Paid Amount

Optional columns:

· Name Phone #

· Name fax #

Total by Year to remove totals by customer (the default).

Memorize the report and provide a meaningful name:

Adjust the date range as appropriate.

Export the results to a new worksheet in Excel.

The screens above will look a little different amongst the various version of QB, but in general, the process is the same.

Steps to Export Donations from the QuickBooks Online App

These instructions were copied from the QuickBooks online help center, as of the time this kb was written:

Export data to Excel

You can export transactions and balances to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet:

1. Create a report that includes the transactions to export.

2. Customize the report to include the desired date range and columns.

3. Export the report to Excel.How?

Which reports give me what I want?

If you want...

Try these reports

All your transactions, with all of their detail.

· Journal

· Transaction Detail by Account (Try a smaller date range than All Dates to see if you want this report.)

· Transaction List with Splits


· Balance Sheet

· Profit and Loss

· Customer Balance Summary

· Vendor Balance Summary

· Sales by Product/Service Summary

Customer and vendor information

· Customer Contact List

· Vendor Contact List

Products and services list

You can export your Products and Services list to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from the Product/Service List report, or directly from the Products and Services List page. How?

If you export a report to Microsoft Excel, it can give you more control over the display.

To export a report or list to Microsoft Excel:

1. Open the report you want to export.

2. Click Excel.

3. Open the file in Excel and make any changes you want.

The changes you make apply to the Excel version of the report and don't affect the report in QuickBooks.

Note:During export, time is converted to decimals. If you export a report with time values (hours and minutes), they are converted to decimals in Microsoft Excel. For example, 1:30 becomes 1.5.

Need further assistance?  Here’s the QuickBooks online live support info:

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Trail Blazer Video: Importing Contributions

Trail Blazer Video: Reporting 102 – Quick Reports and Export

Trail Blazer Article: Importing Contributions

Trail Blazer Article: How to Upload Data to Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer Spreadsheet: ProperDataStructure_Nonprofit_Contributions.xls

3rd Party Resource (Tool): QuickBooks Nonprofit Accounting Software

3rd Party Resource (Intuit Article): About exporting data to an Excel or CSV file

3rd Party Resource (Manual): QuickBooks 2014: The Missing Manual

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