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Created: February 16, 2016
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Configuring your From and Reply Email Address Settings

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Author: Joel Kristenson

Last Updated: 2016-02-16


This article will show you how to change your organizations From and Reply address within the committee record.  This requires that you have access to System Manager, and that you use an email registered to your domain (i.e.

*In this example I used a nonprofit database, the steps are virtually the same but the terminology is slightly different than the political/PAC database.


Follow Application Menu > System Manager > Lists > Organization (nonprofit) or Committee (political)

Open your organization or committee record from the list.  In this example I opened “Demo Nonprofit Joel”.

From the Email Settings tab you can change your organizations from and reply address.

When you send out your email campaigns the From address will now reflect this change:

You also have the option to change this on the fly by clicking the [From] button within the email composer.  Here you can quickly change the organizations name where the email is coming from, the From and Reply address, but it will only keep these settings for the particular campaign.

For individual emails the From/Reply is derived from the Admin tab within that user’s record.  The field is called Outbound Single, if this field is left blank it will pull from whatever that user has set as their Primary email under the General tab.

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