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Created: January 11, 2023
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Creating and Updating Lawn Sign en Masse


This article will teach you how assign (or create) lawn signs for a group of voters at the same time.  Before doing this, make sure that your Lawn Sign Types are configured.  That is done via the Application Menu inside the System Manager > Lists > Lawn Sign Types.


You will only be able to assign one lawn sign type to all of the voters in the current list.  If you need to assign different lawn sign types to people, then you will need to query the voters according to the lawn sign type that you want created for each of them.

The creation of lawn signs for voters in the manner described in this article will set the following lawn sign fields inside each new lawn sign for the voter:

Lawn Sign Tab Inside Voter





Voter name and main home address








<all other>

Configurable via this process



Steps to Create Lawn Signs from the Voter List

Enter your search information in the Voter Search window.  This is done via the Application Menu inside the Voter > Voters window.  Click the Search button to find the people you want to find.

At the top of Trail Blazer, click on the Edit menu.  Near the bottom of the list that appears should be an entry called Create Lawn Sign Records… .  Click on that.  The picture below has the first 2 steps outlined.

By executing the previous two steps, the following window appears.

By changing the Status, you gain access to the appropriate Date fields.   Change what you need to then click OK.

Steps to Update Lawn Signs En Masse

First, do NOT try to use the window above in an attempt to update existing voter lawn sign records.  Instead, follow the process listed below to update existing lawn signs.

There are two ways to modify any of the lawn signs:  either open each individual voter and go to the Lawn tab within it, or open the Lawn Signs search window via the Application Menu > Voter > Lawn Signs then enter your search information and click Search

From this window you can open up the individual lawn signs to edit them. There is also a limited way to change the entire list.  Open the Edit menu at the top of Trail Blazer and you get the following items in the Edit menu.

Notice that you can change the status and last checked date by this method.


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