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Created: October 18, 2016
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Unable to Make A Change to an Address



This article comes from a user question about editing addresses.


The Question:

I found that an address in the system used by several records is incorrect (zip of 55411 instead of correct zip of 55114). It's also in the system correctly on some records.  Anyway I'm trying to change the "master" address (Little red wrench button) but when I get to the next screen it won't allow me to make any changes and the menus are greyed out.  You can find the incorrect address on [named person here] and several other [business name here] people.  I figure since it's really easy to grab the wrong one in this case, it's best to correct the master one vs. just doing each record individually.

Thanks - MJ


Hi MJ,

Addresses can be a little tricky sometimes.  In this case the easier method for handling this would be from the Addresses list.

I next searched for the address of 2610 Univ (this was the address associated with the named person in the question).

As I review the list I see a few things:


1. Some of the addresses are not in use (Use Count) and can be purged.

2. Street 2 has suite numbers so indeed they are not all the same address.

3. And of course as you mentioned, one has a bad zip.

4. Some have a nation and some do not.  This can create a duplicate address situation.


Let’s purge the non- used addresses.