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Created: September 11, 2020
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Automatically Conform Addresses

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2016-10-18


This article will teach you how to automatically conform your address records which will get rid of discrepancies between things like St., and Street.  It also goes through the steps to set your conform method in your Committee/Organization record (if it hasn’t been set already). Learn a lot about address management for your database by reading this article.  After running address cleanups it’s a good idea to cleanup duplicate contact records, here’s how.

Steps to Set the Conform Method in your Committee/Organization Record

Important: it’s required that you set the ‘conform method’ prior to running the mass address conform operation on your database and this requires administrative access to the database.

Navigate to your Organization record (if nonprofit) or the Committee record (if political) by following Application Menu > System Manger > Lists > Organization/Committee.

Click on the name to open your Org/Committee record card.  In this example it was called “Demo Nonprofit Joel”.

Navigate to the Settings tab, select your ‘Conform Method’ preference, and [Save and Close]In my example I selected the option ‘Street direction on right (1372 Glenmoor Rd E’.

Steps to Conform Address Records En Masse

Note: you can conform all address records, or a segment of your database.  In this example I updated all records.

Navigate to the Addresses list under the Application Menu.

Click [Search] and load all records.  In this example I had 9,748 address records.

Select File > Conform Addresses.

Click [OK] when prompted (if you are 100% sure you want to run this mass update operation).

Once the process is finished you’ll get a popup notification with the results, click [OK] to finish. you should sort the list by another column (i.e. City or Zip Code) and re-run the process until the results are zero.

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