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Created: May 24, 2013
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Uploading your FEC Report - Error :Reason: null

When filing a FEC report with the FEC you may come across an error (Figure 1) stating ":Reason: null".This generally means that your firewall is blocking the port 667. To resolve this problem you willl need to open a bi-directional port 667 on the firewall for the following IP addresses or the domain names (Figure 2), or you can select "SSL" (Figure 3) under the Filing Method as this method uses port 443.

FEC Live Reporting Server ->

SSL Reporting Server ->

FEC Test Server ->

Auto  Update Server

FEC Lookup Database Server

(Figure 1)
(Figure 2)
(Figure 3)

Click Here to view a complete list of FEC upload errors on the FEC website.

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