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Created: May 17, 2023
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Designing Mobile-Friendly Email Templates with Stripo, and How to Save them in Trail Blazer

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Author: Kristenson, Joel

Last Updated: 2023-05-17


This article shows how to use the Stripo email designer to create mobile-friendly email templates, and how to export and save them as a new template in your Trail Blazer database.

 Tip: prefer a video tutorial?  Click here to watch.


Create a free Stripo account:

As of the time of writing this, the free account provides 4 exports per month, 5 tests per day, and up to 10 templates that you can store.  Pricing:

After you’ve created your account, login:

Navigate to the Templates section.

There are a few options.  You can click + New Template and begin using the drag-and-drop editor to layout your own custom template, or you can click the options for Basic Templates, or Prepared Templates.

Stripo provides a searchable directory of over a thousand templates that you can choose from as a starting point.  Some may require a premium membership, but many are accessible with their free version.

In my example I selected to build my own template from scratch.

 Tip: check out the Stripo video playlists on their YouTube channel to learn how to utilize their tools:

Below is an example of my finished template that was built using their drag-and-drop editor.  Reviewing some of their YouTube Videos helped a lot to learn the basics, as well as running a number of test (the free version limits you to 5 tests per day).

Once you are finished building your template, click the Export button.

Select HTML as your export option.

Important: the free version of Stripo allows for a set number of exports per month.

Select the </> HTML Code option and then click the button for Show HTML code.  You may want to turn on some of the available options such as supporting accessibility, and setting both sizes for images (I turned on both in my example below).

Click Copy to clipboard.

You are now finished with the Stripo steps.  You can log into your Trail Blazer database and navigate to the Email Templates section.

Click the [+ New] button at the top.

Give your template a name and click [Create].

Click on the [Source] button.

Right-click and select Paste.  This will paste in the source code that was previously exported from Stripo.

Below is my example of the source code after it’s been copied from Stripo and pasted in Trail Blazer.

Click the [Source] button again to return back to the preview screen, where you can view how the template looks after transferring the code.

Click [Save].

You can now create a subject line, and begin running some tests with your new template.  It’s good to test your email with different email service providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and on both a desktop and mobile device.

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